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Poli Sci Final

1. List and explain the four main features and functions of constitutions. Be sure to associate your answers with specific models from countries explored in this course.

According to the teaching of this course, some constitutions features and functions are Theories of government, humanity, society and God. When it comes down to it , constitutions are designed to prevent the government from doing unethical things to others like illegal search and seizure and unwarranted surveillance activities.

We all need protection from the government and ourselves in general. Constitutions that protect citizens of all races and sexual orientation should be equal and constitutions should be enacted to protect these rights and
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(Weber,1990). Enough said here.

Does a strong bureaucracy strengthen/undermine democracy?. When it comes to this question, I am on the fence with this one. It can be a good and bad in different ways. It can keep things running smoothly, while prolonging or showing favoritism in other areas.

It’s good as the people who implement it. Bureaucracy keeps the treatment of everyone the same. This is what keeps law enforcement from giving out tickets just because they feel like it. It can also keep us from being discriminated against.

The word bureaucracy brings up images of waste, useless,overpaid,lazy, and inflexible are some of the words that come to mind when dealing with bureaucracies. Brazil has been know to be the king of it takes a village to cut through all the bureaucracy this country has to offer. It has been known to take up to 152 days to process paperwork to open a business. Think of the loss revenue and other missed opportunities that a person could endure.

Nigeria has its own problems with bureaucracy. Nigeria’s bureaucrats should be appointed on the basis of merit. However, this is not always the case. Many positions are filled based on political, family or religious connections. And we know how this usually ends up, not well indeed.

The new appointees usually do not have the skills or knowhow to complete duties as assigned or otherwise. Confusion and corruption has plagued