Project Milestone Two: Character Name: Courtney Cone Essay

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Project Milestone Two
Character Sketch #1
Character Name: Courtney Cone
Physical appearance: Courtney is a confident 15-year-old girl. She’s a very smart and intelligent person.
Background: Courtney has a boyfriend that absolutely loves her and only wants the best for her. She does well in school all the time and tries to make her parents happy of her achievements. She’s an honor student in almost every subject except when it comes to math.
Personality: Courtney is a nice person, although she seems to get stressed out when it comes to school, due to her wanting to stay being the best and does not want to feel “not smart” if she doesn’t pass her EOC.
Supporting Details: Courtney always got good grades. Her boyfriend supports her in everything too and helps her when she didn’t do well in her Algebra EOC.
Story relevance
1. Courtney is relevant to the story because she shows us that being relaxed over a difficult situation helps us focus more.
2. Courtney will show us that if you’re stressed you won’t achieve what you want.
3. Courtney worries about her Algebra EOC and she started to pile all her math studies on top of her.
Character Sketch #2
Character Name: David Lambert
Physical appearance: David is a 15-year-old freshman student. He’s an okay student in school and a caring person.
Background: David’s girlfriend is Courtney and he wants to see her succeed in everything she does. He passes the Algebra EOC and tries to help Courtney with giving her tips.…