psych 660 Individual on Personal Ethics Essay

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Ethics Awareness Inventory
Brenda Brandmeir
January 20, 2015
Instructor: Jordan Pennefather

Ethics Awareness Inventory The Ethics Awareness Inventory (EAI) is an instrument used to establish one's different attitudes to different portions of ethical thought and behavior. According to The Williams Institute (2011), "Ethics Awareness Inventory is a powerful tool for developing ethical competency. Besides being an instructive personal ethics assessment instrument, the EAI is a practical and comprehensive ethics learning process composed of three sections: Ethical Awareness, Articulation and Application/Action". (p. 1) The EAI establishes where one focus lies among the four categories regarding character, obligation,
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Furthermore, my ethical perspective shows that the ethical guidelines that lie beneath the practice of psychology should try to find the best good for the greatest part of society (Ethics Awareness Inventory, 2012). One issue in ethics are that ethics cease from a philosophical outlook to a practical discipline once personal ethics are fully developed (Barker, 1997). Many times personal ethics are articulated through words and action impacting daily routines (Barker, 1997).Many individuals are focused on producing solutions when faces with a issue and discouraged from complaining or disregarding the issue at hand. Personal ethics establish individual virtues and defend individuals from external based vices like power or money (Barker, 1997).
The code in ethical standards stresses more on ethical aspects on the connection connecting a psychologist’s personal and professional, or occupational life. Personal ethical standards determine how psychologists understand the relationship between what takes place at their work work-related and nonworking-related lives (Ethics Awareness Inventory, 2011). In case of personal troubles, the psychologists commonly evades starting an activity if there is substantial proof that his or her personal tribulations will obstruct them from competently performing and accomplishing his or her job-related duties (Ethics Awareness Inventory, 2011)
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