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PSYC101 Journal Article Review Assignment - Part 1
Article Content Identification and Summary
Due: 11:55pm ET Sunday at the end of Week 3 of the 8-week course term
You may work on this assignment ahead of its deadline but may not submit it prior to Week 3.
Points Possible: 60

OVERVIEW: This is Part 1 of a two-part assignment designed to guide you through the steps of critically reviewing a published, evidence-based, scholarly journal article. This is an activity in which students engage frequently across their college careers in the completion of a variety of assignments. The article you review will be selected from the classroom Resources folder.
For Part 1 and Part 2 of this assignment, demonstration of foundational skills
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b. I would reference-list my selected article in Reference list that would be attached to the end of a paper as follows
Darlow, S. & Lobel, M. (2012) Smoking behavior and motivational flexibility in light and heavy smokers. Addictive Behaviors. Retrieved from 6/Sample%20 EvidencedBased%20Articles/The%20Major%20Motives%20of%20Life%3A%20%20Love%2C%20Sex%2C%20Food%2C%20_%20Work/Motivation%20for%20Smoking%20Behavior.pdf

Note: While Part 2 of the Journal Article Review assignment, which is due in Week 6, includes minimum answer length requirements, here no minimum lengths are required for the items below because answer length may vary depending on the amount of descriptive detail your selected article includes and your answers will be graded for thoroughness, accuracy and clarity in covering article details. It is expected, however, that none of the following items can be adequately addressed in fewer than 100 words. You answers must be articulated in complete thought sentences and not include lists, bulleted items or sentence fragments.
ARTICLE SUMMARY – 40 points possible
1. Introduction (also referred to as lead-in information)
In the space below summarize the key introductory points made in the beginning of your selected article Note: In some articles this information is under the heading “Introduction”