"R" You in or Out? Essay

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“R” You In Or Out The appliance of “R” rated movies has recently come to the minds of the citizens all around the world. The topic of the “R” rated movies still remains a debated topic as, should we continue to use the system of rating these movies “R”? Up until recently, many people believe that this system goes too far against human rights as they feel people should have the right to decide for themselves. It has become a popular belief that the “R” rating system does not serve as a good purpose as we once thought; however, studies show that without the forced rule of “R” rating adult movies, teenagers in particular are negatively affected by the result of viewing are inappropriate content. In defense of this system, there are two arguments to this debate: The negative influence of viewing age inappropriate content and the psychological effect. To be able to watch “R” rated movies without the content of a legal guardian you have to be over the age of 17. Anyone under this age should not be permitted into the entertaining theater. Kids under the age of 17 may be influenced by the violence, sexual content, drinking, drugs, or the language in the film. One supporting argument is the negative influence “R” rated movies can have on children and young teenagers. In this support of this, research from the Media Research Institution of British Columbia proves that all of today’s top teenage problems have orgins in the viewing of “R” rated movies. Negative influences range from increased violence to dropping out of school. Two of the more damaging and common influences are the consumption of drugs and alcohol. According to the Drugs mental Institute of Leeds, the viewing of inappropriate content is the number one cause for the addiction to drugs and alcohol as these are popular in R-rated movies. Of equal importance, kids tend to copy movie stars in reality such as forming gangs that participate in sometimes violent fights. Furthermore, teenagers get the idea to drop out of school, in turn creating bleak and uncertain futures. Viewing inappropriate content can lead to many damaging and unstoppable problems in which some cannot be saved. In the case of drug and alcohol addicts, the most effective way to deal with these problems is to prevent it in the first place. Substantially, the best way to do so is to apply the R-rating movie system. The secondly equally important supporting argument is the unhealthy psychological effect of viewing age inappropriate content. According to the research conducted by the Psychology Institute of Singapore, the viewing of age-inappropriate content has led to an array of negative psychological illnesses. Two of these illnesses include constant nightmares and daydreams. This alone leads to