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Chetan Bhagat is one of the celebrity among youths as well as most of the reading community. Almost all of his books are blockbuster besides this; he is a motivational speaker and columnist. He is seen as youth icon than a writer. His other outstanding works are Five point someone :what not to do at IIT(2004), one night @ the call center(2005), the 3 mistakes of my life(2008),2 states: the story of my marriage(2009),revolution2020:love,corruption,ambition(2011) and what young India wants (2012) is his first non-fiction book. Mostly all of his books deal with the common problems faced by the society .He pinpoints the mistake committed by the society and he also suggests the solution for the problems which are residing in the society. …show more content…
Food is necessary for life but it is unique according to the place. Here and there the writer mentions the food habits, and it is something interesting to know the sweets and savouries like khakra, khaman, aamras, and besan ladoos and ras malai. Of course selling snacks is the only source of income for Govind’s family until he hit centum in 10thafter that he took tuition. Govind is a good and understanding son to his mother. He never asks his mother for anything. Starting a cricket shop near a temple is a tough job. Only old people will come to temple and how come they will buy bats and balls? But their monetary problem made them to start their business in such a critical position. But we can appreciate Patel’s self –confidence. Even though they don’t have money they started the shop. In India many of the shops are being run like this. The way they draw the attention of children is interesting and it is quite a difficult job. Ishaan is good at giving cricket tips and this made their job a little bit easy. Somehow they managed to hold some profit and this is only because of Patel’s calculative nature. While sharing their profit Patel insist them to have some savings for their business development. Money makes many things .This is not simple a proverb. It made many changes in a man’s life. Now the small ‘team India cricket’ shop added many extra facilities like stationary, cricket coaching, and maths tuition. From this we