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Black History Month In Hanna Guthrie’s article, “Black History Month,” the UCI New University writer discusses the racism in America. In order for racism to be abolished, Guthrie accentuates racism is being spread through American Citizens self segregation. Though Hanna Guthrie article presents a clear claim and provides a small amount of factual evidence to support in itself, ultimately Guthrie article is unsuccessful because she fails to provide an adequate amount of logic-based information to support her primary claim, excessively dependent upon emotion-driven attacks on those who disagree with her, and frequently fails to present her augment in a approach that makes her creditable.
Guthrie primary claim for racism
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Her outside source ,which she heavily relied on to support her main arguments, was not a creditable source as well because it was an opinionated article from Newsweek Magazine. Newsweek Magazine provides in depth news, analysis, and opinions on international issues such as politics and culture, but is actively driven by its passionate writers. Hanna then shifts her augment to be supported by political correctness, and personal responsibility, or the lack there of, which immediately discredits most of her strongest facts for her argument. Throughout most of “Black History Month”, the persistent begging of the question leaves Hanna in an endless cycle. Some may find her article to be persuasive, convincing, and compelling due to the sources the author believed to be creditable. Hanna Guthrie half heartedly supports her claim by stating, “To make my point we have an “African American” president; other African American in the spotlight are former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, GOP Chairman Michael Steele, Orpah Winfrey, nationally syndicated talk- radio show host Larry Elder and may more.”(Guthrie 1.) This isn’t a creditable statement, because it’s a faulty analogy. Her comparison from the icons in the African American culture to an average African American would easily see the appeal to celebrites which undermines the author’s creditably. Hannah Guthrie article is primarily relying upon emotional appeals, inflammatory language, and