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marketing plan 3-schedule carrie David | 1) Marketing Implementation
a.Structural Issues –all parts
b.Tactical Marketing Activities - Product Activities 2) Implementation Schedule and Timeline-products 3) Formal Controls - Overall performance standards 4) Formal Controls -Product performance standards | Apr.01, Mon | Tim | 1) Tactical Marketing Activities- Pricing Activities 2) Formal Controls - Describe the types of input 3) Formal Controls- Price performance standards 4) Informal Controls -Describe issues related to employee social control 5) Implementation Schedule and Timeline- Pricing Activities 6) | Apr.01, Mon | Amanda | 1) Tactical Marketing Activities- Distribution/Supply Chain Activities 2) Implementation Schedule – Distribution Activities 3) Formal Controls - Distribution performance standards 4) Informal Controls Describe issues related to cultural control | Apr.01, Mon | Carrie | 1) Overall IMC strategy, IMC objectives, and budget 2) IMC (Promotion) Activities-Consumer promotion elements & 3) Trade (channel) promotion elements 4) IMC (promotion) performance standards 5) Implementation Schedule -IMC Activities | Apr.01, Mon | Ric | 1) Executive summary 2) Describe issues related to employee social control 3) Marketing Audits 4) Final review – include everything except above parts, like report format, index. Please read and check all info., make sure each part can connect with others, no conflicts. It is NOT just put every parts together! | Apr. 3 | E. Integrated Marketing Communication (Promotion) Strategy Overall IMC strategy, IMC objectives, and budget:Consumer promotion elementsAdvertising strategy: local newspaper, magazine, MMBC’s social media(FB, website- on-line order)Public relations/publicity strategy: Sponsor local sports teams Personal selling strategy: MMBC’s salesperson do sales promotion/eventsConsumer sales promotion (pull) strategy: events + beer tastingTrade (channel) promotion elementsAdvertising strategy: Public relations/publicity strategy: sponsorship to local rehab, then news releasePersonal selling strategy; : MMBC’s salesperson do sales promotion with companyTrade sales promotion (push) strategy: give discount based on the sales volumn of that store. VI. Marketing Implementation A. Structural Issues Describe the overall approach to implementing the marketing strategy. Describe any changes to the firm's structure needed to implement the marketing strategy(e.g., add/delete positions, change lines of authority, change reporting relationships). Add positions : Plant managers , craft brewery specialists , salespeople, Describe any necessary internal marketing activities in the following areas: employee training, employee buy-in and motivation to implement the marketing strategy, overcoming resistance to change, internal communication and promotion of the marketing strategy, and coordination with other functional areas. B. Tactical Marketing Activities (be very specific—this lays out the details of the marketing strategy and how it will be executed) Specific Tactical Activities | Person/DepartmentResponsible | RequiredBudget | CompletionDate | Product Activities-David1. FLAVOR2.DESIGNING OF BOTTLE3.PACKAGING | | | | Pricing Activities -Tim1. screening price for new product2. price decrease for consumers3. competition price-matching | | | | Distribution/Supply Chain Activities -Amanda1.personal selling2.maintaining the relationships with current/prospect distributors 3.efficient on-line order | | | | IMC (Promotion) Activities1. discount on down seasons for distributor2. bulk order + % discount 3.rebate for first time purchase | | | | VII. Evaluation and Control A. Formal Controls Describe the types of input controls that must be in place before the marketing plan can be implemented. Examples include financial resources, capital expenditures,