Unit 4: Development Through The Life Stages

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UNIT 4: Development through the Life Stages
This table explains all the major physical, intellectual, emotional and social stages that occur during these following life stages;
Conception Pregnancy Birth and infancy 0-3 years Childhood 4-9 years Adolescence 10-18 years Adulthood 19-65 years Older adulthood 65 years and above
Each of these life stages has many different impacts on a person, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. 

Age group
Physical: conception takes place when a women’s egg is fertilised by a sperm cell. When an egg has been released from the ovary then many sperm cells released by partner travels up to the fallopian tube and then egg is fertilised and then pregnancy takes place, pregnancy usually occurs about 38 weeks after the conception. The mother and the child go through many physical changes during the process of pregnancy .At the very early weeks of pregnancy, the embryo is a size of rice about 2mm long, and would be visible to the naked eye .At the 6th and the 7th week of pregnancy, the embryo has a head with simple eyes and ears , it has 2 heart chambers by the 7thweek the embryo will have 4 chambers. By the 16th week the baby would be more human in appearance, now the last month which is the 9th month, the baby’s organs have fully formed and the baby is ready to born, the baby should weigh 2.7 to 3.5kg approximately after the 38 weeks of conception the baby is now born to the world. 
Intellectual: from the moment of conception, the foetus is continually developing and growing, both physically and intellectually. There are times when a baby’s brain is making a quarter of a millions new neurons every minute which is the reason pregnant women get so tired. In the womb the baby’s brain is developing all the time. Babies can recognise their mothers voice, which shows that they developed that memory before they were born so the brain was working at that stage (this is main reason why diet and the ways of lifestyles have such and huge impact on the unborn child.  Semran please reference on text to your bibliography!
Emotional: the baby in the womb is alive and learning every day, not only the mother starting to feel attachment but the baby is feeling emotional as well. Baby is even affected with the music or sounds playing outside. The baby in womb also hears, reacts to and remembers things that happen on the outside. The relation with your partner has a huge impact on the unborn baby , if your happy your baby will be happy as well but if you are in the abusive relation a baby can have negative impacts on the emotional development . Studies have shown that…