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Strengths for Nevada Conservatory Theatre

* The most unique and main advantage is that virtually all of the Nevada Conservatory Theatre’s expenses are paid for. All revenue that the Nevada Conservatory accumulates can be used for other costs aside from their expenses.

* According to Brackley Frayer, “One of the best competitive advantages that the Nevada Conservatory Theatre has is that they are able to bring in professional Broadway actors, actresses, and directors, to increase the quality of the performance, and still maintain a relatively low price for attendance.”

* The comparison of the quality of the performance and the price that the Nevada Conservatory Theatre charges is a comparative advantage.

* Its unique features include training and professional programs that are offered. Students and professional alike perform all in one stage.

* The Nevada Conservatory Theatre is a professional training program with a true professional training theatre in residence at UNLV. They consist of at least a 3-year program.

* “Particular shows are that are also popular are said to drive revenue and ticket sales positively,” according to Brackley Frayer. For example, musicals and plays such as “Dracula,” “Romeo and Juliet,” “and “The Christmas Carol,” are popular world wide and knowledge of these plays automatically attracts attendees. When analyzing the season data (see figure 2) it shows that “Romeo and Juliet” had the highest attendance and sales for that season. However, the play was not as big of a success when compared to past popular shows. (See figure 1).

* “Not only does the Nevada Conservatory Theatre offer a professional live theatre performance, the art is to educate as well as entertain the audience.” Main reason Brackley Frayer said was important for the Nevada Conservatory Theatre and why people will want to see a show.

* The Nevada conservatory has a prime location in central Las Vegas and UNLV and can be easy to get to for commuters.

* Parking is also a dependable resource. According to figure 3, the parking garage feeds into all of the theatres with the ticket box office conveniently placed right in front of the parking garage, so that an attendee can easily purchase a ticket after parking in the garage.

* The Department of Theatre Staff comprises of 16 professional leaders. They are dedicated enthusiasts of live theatre as well as all facets of art.

* The subscription offers are also strength because it provides the Nevada Conservatory Theatre with automatic attendees. They can also be future attendees so long as the Nevada Conservatory Theatre offers enticement for these people to re-subscribe such as discounts, V.I.P. seating, and any other additional offers.

Weaknesses for Nevada Conservatory Theatre

* A key indicator for a person to watch a live theatre performance is education level, so the Nevada Conservatory should market their plays towards students and faculty of UNLV, CSN, and faculty staff of all schools within the Las Vegas.

* Referring to figure 1 and 2 in the Internal Analysis, it shows that when the Nevada Conservatory Theatre hosts a popular play the attendance goes up and when they don’t attendance goes down. This suggests that there is an issue on scheduling the plays. (See Figure 1 and 2.)

* Branding has always been a failure because the Nevada Conservatory has trouble showcasing famous actors, actresses, and directors headlining or producing a play.

* An enormous issue for the Nevada Conservatory Theatre is the problem of losing funding from CSUN (Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada) and students attending UNLV not being able to attend a live play for free.

* Nevada Conservatory Theatre has trouble with effective Internet marketing. For example, there is no easy was to directly buy tickets on the Nevada Conservatory Theatre website. Prices and subscriptions are also not listed on the actual website. Online Media