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Selling into India: Lessons From Silvio Napoli

No amount of process re-definition could have saved Schindler the pains associated with attempting to move into India with a low-cost strategy. Fundamental assumptions about India just wanting low-cost elevators where customization wasn't a requirement took the effort of creating a subsidiary to learn from.
For the last four years I've been teaching an international business course occasionally for a local MBA Program. My students are all working professionals who come to class for discussion and debate, not sermons. Case studies are the perfect teaching tool for this audience; there is plenty of room for debate and analysis. Layer in expansion into high-growth economies, and class
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Conclusion Current scenario
3. History of Schindler Robert Schindle established the company in 1874 in Switzerland Company began manufacturing elevators in 1889 Did not have a local market base in India until 1950s by appointing a local distributor Alfred N Schindler took over the company in 1987; becoming the 4 th generation in line 1998 : Schindler increased revenue worth $ 6.6 billion around the world Company has over 38,000 employees in 97 subsidiaries
4. Characters in the Case Study Schindler Top Management Staff: Alfred N Schindler (Chairman & CEO) Luc Bonnard (Vice Chairman of the Board & Member of Executive Committee) Alfred Spoerri (Member of the Board of Directors & Executive Committee) Schindler India key Manager Profiles: Silvio Napoli (VP, Schindler South Asia) Meher Karan Singh (MD) T.A.K Mathews (VP-Field Operations) Ronnie Dante (GM- Engineering) Jujudhan Jena (CFO)
5. Name : Silvio Napoli, 33 yrs Position : Vice President, Schindler South Asia Date of Birth : August 23, 1965 Education : 1992-1994 :: MBA, Harvard University , Graduate School of Business Administration Bostan, Massachusetts