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Book Report Summary

The book I read was T-Bone Trouble, a fiction book by Nancy Simpson Levene. My overall reaction about this book was enjoyable. I thought this because situations at the school I attend are relatable to this book. My favorite part had to be when Alex punches Melissa, almost knocking her out. This was my favorite part only because Melissa deserved every second of it. T-Bone Trouble is mainly about 5th grade gossip and T-Bone, Alex’s black lab. It starts out from the main character, Alex, inviting the new girl, Melissa Howard, to spend the night. Melissa gets bored and suggest sneaky, bad ideas that will only get Alex in trouble. Since Alex refuses to sneak out, the next day at school, Melissa spreads a rumor about Alex making no one talk to her, except for her to best friends, Janie and Lorraine. Alex is really hurt by this, especially when she knows the truth. Later, in music class, Alex goes to play a c-scale, knowing she was the only one that can do it in her class. She proudly, stood up and blew, but nothing happened. She seen the boys in her class clogged her trumpet with sunflower seeds. Now the boys began to pick on her. Later in the week Janie and Alex were picked to serve punch and cookies to back to school night. After the punch spills all over the gym floor, Alex runs into the bathroom to get paper towels to find Melissa and Crystal clogging the bathroom sinks. Alex tries to stop the flooding but can’t in time so Alex and Melissa start to fight and Alex punches her getting them both soaked. After Melissa and Crystal run out of the bathroom, Mrs. Larson, the principal walks in but she knows exactly who caused this mess. When Alex returns to school, the girls realized what Melissa has done and starts talking to Alex again. Although when Melissa comes back it’s back to silence. Alex now learns to deal with this situation. After school Alex, T-Bone, Janie and Lorraine go for a walk. When T-Bone sees a quite nice looking female lab he and her run around together. When Alex catches up to T-Bone the girls notice a sign, “Locust” and realize that’s Melissa’s street name. When they followed the street they realized they were at the mall. The girls also realized they were a long way from home and had to call there moms. The girls and T-Bone entered the mall and T-Bone runs loose getting the girls in big trouble. The problem was resolved in the mall after the girls had to go to security office. All the girls soon realized Melissa