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Nhan Dinh (Bi)
Taking a year off, or taking a gap year, has become a popular option for graduating students. This is a good time for students to take a break, or find a job that can help their tuition. Some students don't want to do it, however, they don't know what they can do during this time. I recommend that graduating students should take a year off to work or travel because they can become more mature, become more focused, and prepare for college.
The first reason to take a year off is because students will become more mature. This means that students can learn a lot from the real world. Students who take a year off before they enter college mature earlier than students who come straight to college from high school. Taking a year off to work or travel can help students learn about the real world. It also gives them experiences for their lives. Let's imagine if students get lost in the rain forest by themselves, what they can do. I can be sure that they have to learn how to survive, and how to escape from the forest. Therefore, they will be confident and excited before going to college. The graduating students can develop a certain maturity when traveling on their own, and experiencing new people and customs.
The second reason to take a gap year is because students will become more focused. Absolutely, when they take a year off to discover who they really are, they will be more focused on their goals. Some students think they know exactly what they want to major in, however, after they take a gap year of full-time, or part-time work, they realize that they did not enjoy working in their presumed major. These students consider their career again, and explore different jobs in order to find out what they want to major in college. Furthermore, when they know what they want to be, they will just focus on their career, and they will study better in college. Therefore, if students are not sure what they would like to major in, they should take a gap year to explore different career.
The last reason to take a year off is because students will have lots of time to prepare for college. As you…