thermo electric powered car Essay

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This concept behind the project is thermoelectric generation that has been known from sometime, but the practical implementation of this concept is quite difficult. The idea behind this project is to make a Car that is powered by thermoelectric source, i.e. to build a car that moves with temperature difference. This concept has not been explored earlier but a lot of research can be done in this regard. We will be presenting a practically running model of a car driven by a simple heat source with the help of thermoelectric generator.
The world wastes a lot of heat. Between half and two-thirds of the fuel we burn to create energy is dissipated as heat into the atmosphere.
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The design would include the use of Peltier plates as the base material for thermoelectric conversion. This system utilizes the low temperature difference between two hot and cold junctions of peltier element to generate pollution free electricity without any moving or bulky parts using the latest technology of thermoelectric generation using peltier plates. This system should be economical, easy to implement and does not produce any pollution as other generators available in the market. The amount of electrical power generated is given by I2RL, or VI. Thermoelectric Generator (TEG’s) are constructed using two dissimilar semi-conductors, one n-type and the other p-type (they must be different because they need to have different electron densities in order for the effect to work). The two semiconductors are positioned thermally in parallel and joined at one end by a conducting cooling plate (typically of copper or aluminum). A voltage is applied to the free ends of two different conducting materials, resulting in a flow of electricity through the two semiconductors in series. And when the temperature difference is maintained by heating element in one side and cooling element in other side, thermoelectric current flows through the junction and voltage is obtained at the