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After working for five months as an account executive, Thomas Green was directly promoted as the Senior Market Specialist by the vice president of the company, Shannon McDonald, because of immense potential exhibited by him. However, Frank Davis, Green’s boss, did not intend to choose Green as the new senior market specialist. Green and Davis disagreed on work styles and market projections. Green believed that the sales goals set by Davis are based on "creative accounting" and he grossly overstated the existing market environment. A mood of silent conflict developed quickly between them. Davis was very unhappy about Green’s performance and working attitude even after three months of his promotion. Green was concerned
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1) Compromise: Change his working style as per Davis’ requirements
2) Escalate to Shannon McDonald: Explain his perspective to McDonald
4. Criteria for Evaluation
1) Job Security
2) Job Performance
3) Work-Life balance
4) Self Esteem
5) Professional relationships

5. Evaluation of Options
Green could let go his current working style and start working in conformity with Davis’ requirements. He can try to build relations with Davis instead of challenging him. He also should not voice his concerns to his colleagues. Later on, these actions might even convince Davis to provide a little more flexibility to Green in terms of his working style.
Escalate to McDonald:
Green could directly raise his problems and concerns regarding Davis to McDonald. With credible data, Green could try convincing McDonald that Davis is projecting inflated figures. He should also establish that it is necessary for him to have flexibility and freedom for his way of working to succeed. But this might put Green in a very negative light and further spoil his relations with his seniors, thus, threatening his job.
The following table represents evaluation of options and criteria on which they have been evaluated.
Job Security
Job performance
Work-Life balance
Self Esteem
Professional Relationship
May Be
Escalate to McDonald
May Be
May Be
May Be

6. Recommendation
In view of the below mentioned reasons, we