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Eva Moore If you’re looking for a new home for your family, the Levittown life is the way to go. Thousands of families are now buying suburban homes to raise their children in. It’s a great environment, not too expensive, and it even comes with a few appliances to get you started. There are many benefits to living in a suburban area, and I will tell you all about them- as well as a few problems. There are many factors that led to the rise of suburbs such as Levittown. One factor was the movement of whites from cities to suburban areas in the 1950s. Another factor was a large housing shortage which made finding a reasonably-priced home increasingly difficult. The Baby Boom even affected this rise, in which around 78 million Americans were born, and in 1965, over 40% of Americans were under 20. Many young veterans decided to start a family at this time, and the suburban life was perfect for what they wanted. Living in an area such as Levittown has many benefits as well as some problems. One benefit is its low cost. It is only a down-payment of about $90, and then a monthly payment of about $58. Another benefit is the additional items the house comes with when you purchase one. A Levittown house comes with heating, a roofed carport, a washer and a stove. A tight-knit community is also something that immediately comes with buying a Levittown house. There are some problems with the Suburban areas such as Levittown as well. Some problems include racism in…