U.S. Current Affairs: Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation and the Affordable Care Act Essay

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The U.S. Appeals court in Atlanta has already deemed the passing of this act as unconstitutional (Brent, 2011). It is a contested issue on which the Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in the coming weeks. Another appeals court in Virginia has stated that legally, this matter should be revisited when taxpayers are made to pay penalties, in the next three years (Savage, 2011). This brings into question the constitutionality of this act and the fact remains that there is far from universal agreement over this. An important argument raised by opponents is that the passing of this law would open way for unrestricted powers to the Federal government. It is argued that this mandate would be structured like a tax, hence making it legitimate for the Federal government to impose it on us. Furthermore, that health insurance is a type of interstate commerce, is another argument cited by the law’s proponents (“Obamacare” 2010). However, this would set a landmark precedent which may become a threat to the liberties which we cherish in this nation Another reason I believe that natural gas drilling is good for the state of WV is that our drinking water is not affected by fracking fluids. According to an article “Federal Study: No Evidence Fluids Contaminated Drinking Water” (Federal) on the WV Oil and Natural Gas Sigley 2
Association website, “After a year of monitoring, researchers found that chemical-laced fluids used to free gas trapped deep below the surface stayed thousands of feet below shallower areas that supplied drinking water according to Richard Hammack.” A third reason I believe natural gas drilling is good for the state of WV is that our own area residents are benefitting from it financially. I believe this contributed to our state’s economy because those same residents will spend more here in WV. According to Tim Greene, owner of Land and Mineral Management of Appalachia, on the Marcellus Drilling News website, “Some gas companies are low balling surface owners. Some are offering as low as $5 per foot for a waterline and some of the surface owners are telling them to come back when they are serious.” Greene also