Essay about U.S. History: Radical Reconstruction Pointers

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Chapter 12 Questions
1. Freedom to the slaves meant they could possibly have a sense of purpose to live. Freedom to them meant being able to be with their families. Be able to have an education and have a voice of some sort. Freedom to them meant being able to dress the way they wanted to. Freedom meant not having somebody tell you how to live your life, and not being beat everyday of your life. The slaves that were already free they were most reflecting on their past. How they were treated as slaves. Some had been slaves all their lives that all they knew, so when they were told they were free it didn’t mean nothing. They preferred to stay with their master.
2. After the Emancipation the former slaves just wanted to be released of their duties on the plantation and they wanted land. While the former slave master knew that they had to free the slaves, even though they didn’t want to. After some slave masters lost their slaves they died, it basically killed them. Some slaves’ masters tried to use sympathy on the slave to make them stay and work, but that didn’t work. Former slaves desire to acquire land was because that’s what they were promised. For as the slave owners wanting to keep them as slaves no that was ridiculous.
3. The African Americans started forming their own school, churches, and social organizations because they felt they needed something of their own. Even though the whites were educated enough to teach they felt why blacks can’t be teachers. Far as the churches go they felt that the white’s preachers weren’t able to deliver the message the way they needed it. The churches played a major role in the black community. It offered families with spiritual needs, this was a place with no whites ordering them around, leaders were developed there, offered charity, and music.
4. No this was not why effective and didn’t do what it supposed to do. This was put out to help freedmen transition into freedom. At first it was assisting the freedmen with their land. Then they told them to follow what the whites said give land back and work for them.
5. Southern whites that were forced to free their slaves were the ones who enacted the Black Codes. They were worried that the freed blacks would be in competition for the jobs, be able to have guns, and get whites out of office. They just didn’t want the freed backs to have rights like the rest of world.
6. Radical republican thought it was ridiculous that blacks had the same rights as them. They felt blacks were inferior, so why do they get the same rights. They thought that