understanding discipline in the workplace Essay

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Understanding discipline in the workplace
Disciplinary rules and procedures are important in a workplace to set out the boundaries of acceptable conduct and satisfactory performance, and to ensure fair and equal treatment of all employees. Since 1977 there has been a Code of Practice on disciplinary practice and procedures issued by ACAS. A revised version of the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures came into effect on 6 April 2009. The Code must be taken into account by an Employment Tribunal in situations to which it applies.
It is also important that employees know what standards of conduct and performance are expected of them. The written particulars of employment that must be provided to every
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Also, they are informed of their right to appeal against any decision. ref Strand Palace Hotel Employee Handbook

An employer's failure to comply with the provisions of the Code may render unfair a dismissal that would otherwise be a fair one and, if the Employment Tribunal considers the failure to be unreasonable, could result in any compensation awarded by an Employment Tribunal being increased by up to 25%. ref ACAS The above company policies and procedures were followed in a recent disciplinary hearing that took place where I was involved in the investigation process and took minutes during the interview. One of my subordinates was involved in an argument with a floor house-keeper and used foul language. The house-keeper reported the matter to her manager immediately which was then passed on to me. Before heading to Human Resources for advice I called my colleague and questioned him if the matter was true and if he did use foul language. He admitted to what happened and accepted his actions were not acceptable. This is when I asked for quick advice from HR and began the disciplinary process following the company guidelines. The process started with a notice to my colleague that there will be a disciplinary hearing. Statements were taken from all parties involved. The actual disciplinary statements and minutes taken by myself: