Essay on unit 10 lead and manage a team

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Unit 10 Lead & Manage a Team within a health & social care setting answers
Amanda Dickinson
AC 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
Syer & Connolly (1996) describes a “team system” as a group of people who constitute a system of interrelated entities and whose members share a common goal. They argue that team members need to develop awareness of themselves and each other, and of their differences, through giving descriptive feedback. This allows appreciation of differences, good contact and improved communication. Trust, respect, team spirit and synergy may then emerge. Consequently this leads to a highly developed awareness. The notion of a cycle more easily suggests the kind of continuous process that teams go through and need to revisit as new members
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Team members look after each other. The team requires delegated tasks and projects from the leader. The team does not need to be instructed or assisted. Team members might ask for assistance from the leader with personal and interpersonal development. The leader delegates and oversees.

Adjourning- stage 5
This was added to reflect the point at which the team may have come to the end of its work or project and is disbanding. This may be difficult or upsetting for individuals if the team has bonded well. It should also be seen as a stage where the success of the team can be recognized and celebrated.
Teams will not move through these stages at the same pace, and may move back and forth between the stages. If individuals leave and new people join the team, this can also affect team development resulting in what is sometimes called “re-forming”. The same challenges therefore exist for new and established teams.
1.1, 1.4 The University of Canada produced a model of team effectiveness. This is broken down into 5 key areas. By implementing this model, team challenges can be overcome.
Goals- what the team aspires to achieve. This can be communicated by the manager ensuring all understand the company vision, mission, values and company aims and objectives.
Roles- the part each member plays in achieving team goals. Managers should ensure that each person understand their position and role & responsibilities within the