V for Vandetta Essay

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Imagine a book where revenge and anarchy are brother and sister, a book where a whole government is brought to its knees by one man. This book is V For Vendetta. Now the authors Alan Moore and David Lloyd have come up with codename V, and the one called V blows up parliament, lady liberty and kills many for the sake of changing the country, but also a more deeper reason of revenge. In this essay the reader will understand that change is necessary when the government controls the media, you have no privacy, and your freedom is nothing more than just a fantasy. V for Vendetta teaches the reader that terrifying change is necessary when living under an oppressive government.

In V for Vendetta, Codename V forcefully takes over the Jordan Tower and along with it, interrupts the normal broadcast with his own showing to show how the government keeps the truth from its people.An example of this is when Dascombe was talking with Almond, he said “Fate doesn’t think we should mention the fireworks. if anyone asks later we’ll say it was a freak effect of the blast.” This quote is saying that the government is covering up, and changing what happened so not to “alarm” the people. Now the people did not know they were being brainwashed, so to wake them up, V took control of the Jordan Tower and in the process, brutally murdered The Voice of Fate, otherwise known as Dascombe. Now he did not do this without reason, V needed to get rid of the Voice of Fate so the voice could no longer alter the news, let alone brainwash the people. So being brainwashed is one thing but having absolutely so privacy is another.

The people of london are watched over day and night, never having a single moment of privacy. In the story, V finally liberates the people from being watched over, “...For three days, your movements will not be watched, your conversations will not be listened to...” This quotation shows that the government watched over the people, and thanks to V they are allowed 3 days of rest from the constant watchful eye of the overpowering government. Now one might think that this is a good thing and nothing could go wrong with this, but thats where you are wrong. With this three day period of non surveillance the people broke out in riots, it all ending in violence which was necessary for it finally woke the people up. It finally struck to the people that something is not right with their country. Freedom, without it what do we have? nothing, without freedom we are nothing but puppets for the puppet