V for Vendetta Essay

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The events at Larkhill Resettlement camp resulted in the affect of “V” becoming a villain simply craving revenge because of everything that happened to him and the girl, Valerie. In the early 2030s, the government was under a fascist Norsefire party and took many people whether they were homosexuals or your race, including V and Valerie. They tortured everyone but putting a virus in their systems, Valerie died but V did not because he was naturally immune to it. V got to survive the fire and later took up the opportunities to get revenge on each person involved. V first started his revenge by bombing the Old Bailey but the government tried to cover it up by saying that it needed to come down, keeping their citizens in the dark. They succeeded until V took over the news station later that day asking everyone to meet him the following year. The government again tried to cover it by saying that they killed him and showed footage of it, but it was a look-a-like. V started killing all the people involved in the camp one by one leaving a rose with each of the bodies. He successfully kills everyone involved but also gets himself killed in the end because he cared more for revenge than anything else. V leaves the decision up to Evey about bombing the parliament. Therefore V is a villain craving revenge on the government for what happened to him and also he wants to give the country a new beginning, starting with the government and parliament. An anti-hero is usually the protagonist and will have some of the following qualities; human frailties/flaws, disillusioned with society, seek redemption/revenge for his own satisfaction, think what’s right for him, misunderstood, noble criminal/vigilante, has characteristics of a villain, breaking the law and increased moral complexity