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1. Ethics is the study of (Points : 1) propositional knowledge. right and wrong. beauty. truth. none of the above.

Question 2. 2. A sound-thinking deontologist might use which statement to support a woman’s right to vote? (Points : 1) The happiness of 50% of the population being allowed to vote outweighs the pain that might come out of the other 50%. Humans are autonomous beings that inherently have the same capacities. The virtue of a woman is to nurture her family. Families will be better off if women are able to participate in politics. None of the above

Question 3. 3. Which statement is an objection to ethical egoism? (Points : 1)
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Utilitarians would support voluntary euthanasia, especially when the pain in a person's life outweighs the pleasure that he or she derives from living.


According to which ethical system does the rightness or wrongness of an act depend on the act itself and not on its consequences?

Deontological system

Deontologist S. Bok suggests that, although lying is generally wrong, there may be isolated cases where the duty to lie conflicts with the more important duty to protect innocent human life. In these cases, lying may be morally justified. This view will lead to the notion of:

Prima facie duties.

The development of proper self-esteem (the duty of self-improvement) in deontology requires that we:

Cultivate the good will.

Which of the following, according to Kant, is a characteristic of moral maxims and duties?

They are universally binding.

According to prima facie deontologists, a moral duty is binding unless it:

Conflicts with a more compelling moral duty.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian has assisted numerous people in committing suicide, each of whom felt that his or her life was no longer worth living