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Current strategy of a division of paramount Australian corporation (Wesfarmers)
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Current strategy of a division of major Australian corporation (Wesfarmers)
Wesfarmers is one of Australia’s oldest and most successful diversified companies. It founded in June 1914 as a small farmers' co-operative whose primary purpose was to provide services and rural commodities to Western Australia's agricultural population, Wesfamers commenced her trip to diversification since 1950s with a pioneered program that involved distributing liquefied petroleum gas. Wesfarmers then continued to advance into fertilizer production and distribution in 1984, coal mining, and then on launching insurance
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This report assesses strategies of Wesfarmers and factors might impact on Wesfarmers and considers the prospects for Wesfarmers. There are 5 parts, which constitute 5 questions, for Wesfarmers. First is identifying current strategy of Wesfarmers. The second question asks for factors likely to impact Wesfarmers. The third question assesses Wesfarmers core competence and how it did evolve. The last part discusses if Wesfarmers’ strategy is sustained and give recommendations. Corporate