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Dôle blanche de Charrat

Sub Region
Estate Vineyard/ Grand cru
Grape(s) Variety(ies)
Pinot Noir or blended of Pinot Noir and Gamay
Climate conditions
Valais is known for its exceptional climate, whereby the mountains stop most of the rainfall, but create ‘foehn’ winds which assists in the late autumn months with the essential ripening process of late varieties of grapes. Almost continuous sunshine for most of the year attributes to hot and dry summers, while winters can be cold and snowy, even on the lower levels of the valley, yet the frost, which is usually the worst enemy of winegrowers, is rare, as the seasons change gradually, not abruptly.
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Sometimes July and August will be hot, and occasionally September and October will be warm.
Soil Composition
The prominent soil type is chalk, though this is not always visible in the surface
Type of wine
Champagne, rosé
Character of the wine
A pale salmon pink with an orange tinge. Complex and powerful, the first aromas are reminiscent of strawberry jam. These are followed by floral notes such as rose petal. Lively and crisp, with dominant flavors of red berry fruit such as wild strawberries. Full-bodied, with a velvety texture and a finale showing hints of dried apricots and orange peel.
Food harmony (2 dishes)
Duck in bilberry sauce, Green salad with Caviar and smoked salad
Commercial argumentation

A lively rosé champagne from the world famous Pinot Noir blended with another well-known Chadonnay in a perfect combination. Laurent Perrier “Alaxandra rosé” reached the top quality to be one of the best rosé champagnes in the world. The wine offers the flavor of red berries and wild strawberry with the hints of dried apricots and orange zest. It has kept its freshness while building the element of toasty and maturity