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Experience Summary:
● Posses 3 years 1 months of IT experience on salesforce which includes

Administration, Development and Deployment.
● Currently working as a Software Engineer at Zensar Technologies
● Worked as a Software Engineer at

Certifications Summary: ● Cleared Dev 401 certification.

Career Profile:
Expe Durat rienc ion e 1 year Dec­1
0 To Till
3 years 4 month s

7 to Nov­1


Design ation Zensar Technologies

Softwa re Engine er Softwa re Engine er RightPath .

Technology and Skills:
● Gathering Requirements based on Agile Process.
● Worked on Configuration, Customization and Deployment of
● Worked on Apex Data Loader and Data Management
● Worked for customizing custom fields, Page Layouts, Record Types, Workflows and

Approval Process, Validation Rules, Report Types.
● Creating Reports and Dashboards.
● Creating Apex Triggers, Apex Classes, and Visualforce Pages for getting custom

● Creating Users, Profiles, Roles and Permission Sets.
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● Worked on Custom Settings.
● Knowledge on Organization Wide Defaults and Sharing Rules.
● Involved in following migration techniques
● Change Sets
● IDE tool
● Migration tool kit
● Involved in writing Test Classes used for Deployment
● Preparing Test Scripts for various scenarios
● Worked on preparing Technical Document and Weekly Status Report

● B.Tech from JNTU in 2006


Health Insurance Policy


Production support and Development


NIPRO Medical Corporation


Keep this one as current Project

Descrip tion This Application will provide customer to apply for Health Insurance
Policies. This application supports single policy with multiple coverage parts, designed to fulfill the insurance needs of new customer. In this module we provide the users with all types of operations like endorsements, renewals, holds, automatic renewals, cancellations etc. In this Customer can send any query regarding policies.
Customer can pay amount online by debit card and credit card.

Environ, Apex, Vislaforce, ment Triggers, S­Objects

Apex Data Loader Tool,
Tool, ANT tool Page 2 of 7

Respon sibilitie s

● Worked based on the Agile

Process ● Responsible for customizing

custom fields, Page Layouts,
Record Types, Workflows and
Approval Process, Validation
Rules, Report Types. ● Responsible for Loading data

into using Apex
Data Loader ● Responsible for migrating data

from one Sandbox environment to another
Sandbox environment using IDE tool and
Change Sets. ● Responsible for writing Test

Scripts for various scenarios ● Worked on Apex Triggers and

Apex Classes for custom logic. ● Responsible for building UI by

using Visualforce pages

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Sales Tracker


Production support and Development


Global Compliances Pvt Ltd.


Keep this one as first Project

Descrip tion Sales Tracker is a complete business solution to manage the entire Sales activities and Inventory of finished goods. Administrator defines and manages the Master entities; Sales people perform transactions required for the business. Customer logs in and track his sales order details such as
Confirmed orders, Out of Stock,
Shipment pending and Delivered etc.
And also Invoice details such as billed and to be paid etc. Warehouse people logs in and tracks the Goods to be shipped, Shipping slip generation,
Generate dispatch order and update inventory etc. Supplier logs in track the pending inventory orders
Confirmed inventory orders and goods to be shipped etc.