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Y vs X

The article “The "Y" Factor: Gender Bias, Child Custody And The Great Parenting Myth” written by David Pisarra talks about the wild world of child custody and how it affects the father. Pisarra states that fathers are as qualified and prepared as women to raise their kids. As well when it comes to make legal decisions over them, the father should be equally looked at. Parents should not be looked equally, after all the mother did carry that child for 9 months and created a bond that no father will be able to make before the child is even born.
Pisarra states in his article how men and women should be treated equally in court decisions regarding to child custodies. He states “Short of not being able to breastfeed, men have the same abilities to protect and guide the development of a child as a women” (Pisarra). Since the late 19th Century with the “tender tear doctrine” and now a days with the “Best interest of the children” has always favor the mother. There is a clear gender bias when it comes to this type of court cases, there is an antiquated notion of women being better parents than men. He also states that parenting is a learn behavior, and is a myth that women are born with that “instinct”.
“Just as no man should automatically be deemed an inattentive, emotionally distant and a poor caretaker by virtue of his chromosomal make, neither should a women be presumed inherently skilled at caretaking, being attentive to the emotional needs of her children, or a more nurturing parent purely by virtue of her uterus” (Pisarra).
Since a women is a little girl she is tough to be a mother, playing with her dolls, or to the house with her friends, or just simply helping around the house. Since early ages girls and introduces to motherhood and caretaking. So yes, parenting is a learn behavior, but for women is something that they learn in such an early stage of their life that it feels that its been there forever. We can’t also take from the equation the fact that women are the ones that carry for 9 months the child, creating a bond with them. As well when the child is born the mother is the one that spend the most time with them, taking care of them, breast feeding them, as well as most