GRE Math Numeric Entry Practice Test 10

1. A time lapse camera takes pictures once every 40 seconds. How many pictures does it take in a 24 hour period? (Assume that it takes its first picture 40 seconds after the start of the time period.)

2. Triangle ABC is equilateral. What is the degree measure of angle y ? (Ignore the degree sign when gridding your answer)

3. If a sack of dried dog food feeds 4 dogs or 5 puppies for one week, then 5 sacks of the food will feed 15 puppies and how many dogs ?

4. The sum of three numbers is 6. Each number is increased by 20 and the new numbers are multiplied by 10. What is the sum of the resulting numbers?

5. What is the largest odd-numbered factor of 4500 ?

6. Points A and B are on the top and bottom edges of a cylindrical roll of paper of height 8 and circumference 12. A and B are diagonally opposite each other. The paper is cut along line C and opened out. How far apart are A and B on the flat surface?

7. 2 cars travel from the same point along parallel lanes of a highway for a distance of 10 miles. When car M, travelling at 60 miles an hour reaches the end of the distance, how much further will car N have to travel if it is travelling at 48 miles an hour?

8.   ♣   ♥   ¥   ♠   ¤
How many different 3-symbol arrangements of the symbols above are possible if the symbol ¤ must be in the last position, and the symbol ♣ can be used in only one arrangement. The other symbols can be used more than once in an arrangement.

9. What one value for x can be correctly entered into the answer grid?

10. Family 1 comprising mother, father and son are to be seated at a table with family 2 comprising mother, father and daughter. The layout of the table is shown in the diagram. F represents one of the fathers and M represents one of the mothers. X represents any family member. If a male family member must sit opposite a female of the other family, how many different seating plans are possible?

Test information

Q 10 questions

Time 12 minutes

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