GRE Text Completion Practice Test 09

1. The parliamentary session degenerated into (i)____ with politicians (ii)____ each other and refusing to (iii)____.

Blank (i)
A. mayhem
B. obsolescence
C. authoritarianism
Blank (ii)
D. trading banter with
E. hurling invectives at
F. staring pointedly at
Blank (iii)
G. escalate the situation
H. challenge the opposition
I. come to order

2. Contrary to his reputation, the admiral was not a (i)_____. He (ii)____ his order to attack when he saw the white flag raised by the enemy sailors, and was actually relieved that he could bring an end to the (iii)____.

Blank (i)
A. bloodthirsty man
B. pacifist
C. pedant
Blank (ii)
D. countermanded
E. reiterated
F. commandeered
Blank (iii)
G. truce
H. hiatus
I. hostilities

3. In a fit of ____ she threw out the valuable statue simply because it had belonged to her ex-husband.

A. pique
B. goodwill
C. contrition
D. pedantry
E. prudence

4. Many 17th century buildings that are still in existence have been so (i)____ by successive owners that the original layout is no longer (ii)____ beneath the sometimes much-needed, but usually (iii)____ attempts to personalize or improve.

Blank (i)
A. preserved
B. transmogrified
C. decimated
Blank (ii)
D. discernible
E. extant
F. enshrouded
Blank (iii)
G. adept
H. grotesque
I. tasteful

5. Since ancient times sculpture has been considered the prerogative of men; women sculptors have, until recently, consistently met with (i)____, or even (ii)____.

Blank (i)
A. discouragement
B. vilification
C. concern
Blank (ii)
D. ridicule
E. approbation
F. tolerance

6. (i)____ at this time would be inadvisable; we have not yet accumulated sufficient expertise to warrant anything other than a (ii)____ approach.

Blank (i)
A. Circuitous proceedings
B. Vacillation
C. Precipitate action
Blank (ii)
D. decisive
E. direct
F. cautious

7. I cannot conclude this preface without ____ that an early and untimely death should have prevented Persius from giving a more finished appearance to his works.

A. rejoicing
B. lamenting
C. affirming
D. commenting
E. mentioning

8. Harding was unable to (i)____ the results of the survey; although entirely unexpected, the figures were obtained by a market research firm with an (ii)____ reputation.

Blank (i)
A. believe
B. accept
C. discount
Blank (ii)
D. mediocre
E. unenviable
F. impeccable

9. The quantum theory was initially regarded as absurd, unnatural and ____ with common sense.

A. consanguineous
B. discernible
C. incompatible
D. decipherable
E. consistent

10. Do not be fooled by her (i)____ manner; her superficial (ii)____ belies her worldliness.

Blank (i)
A. unsophisticated
B. gregarious
C. off-hand
Blank (ii)
D. proficiency
E. naiveté
F. seriousness

Test information

Q 10 questions

Time 10 minutes

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