GRE Word List 03

Group 1

Alacrityeagerness; enthusiasm; quickness
Burgeongrow; flourish; put forth new shoots
Euphemisma polite phrase to cover something unpleasant
Lethargictired; without energy
Oglestare at; observe in an obvious manner
Postulatehypothesize; propose
Robuststrong; healthy; tough
Tractableobedient; dutiful; polite

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Group 2

Alchemymedieval chemistry; attempt to change base metal into gold
Deliberateto think over deeply
Euphonypleasant sounds
Iconoclastperson who opposes orthodoxy
Levityflippancy; joking about serious matters
Olfactoryconcerned with the sense of smell
Potablesuitable for drinking

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Group 3

Alibian excuse that shows someone was not at a crime scene
Buttressstrengthen; support
Delineationdemarcation; explanation; definition; outlining
Evacuatevacate; empty; abandon
Idiosyncrasya personal peculiarity; something unique to an individual
Libertariansomeone who opposes tyranny
Potentpowerful; compelling; strong
Ruminatethink over something; ponder

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Group 4

Allayto lessen
Bylinethe line that tells you who wrote an article
Demurhesitate; refuse
Exacerbatemake worse
Linimentsoothing lotion
Rusetrick; stratagem
Transgressgo astray; disobey; commit a sin

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Group 5

Alleviatemake less severe
Cacophonydiscordant loud noises
Denouncecondemn; speak out against
Exasperatedfrustrated; annoyed
Ignominyshame [ignominious (a) = shameful]
Litheflexible; supple
Pragmatistpractical person; one who is concerned with usefulness
Saccharinfalsely sweet
Transientshort-lived; ephemeral

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Group 6

Aloofdistant; detached; cold
Depleteuse up; lessen
Exceptionablevery bad (something which we should object to)
Illuminateto light up or make clear
Lividvery angry
Onerousburdensome; hard to undertake
Preambleintroductory material
Sacrosanctvery holy; inviolable
Traverseto move across

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Group 7

Altruismputting others first; being self-sacrificing
Caldronhuge cooking pot
Exculpatefree someone from blame; pardon; acquit
Illusorydeceptive; false; misleading
Lobbyistperson who tries to persuade someone to support a particular cause
Precariousunstable; risky

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Group 8

Depravitymoral corruption
Execrablevery, very bad
Immoderateexcessive; extreme
Loftysnooty; arrogant; haughty
Opaquedoes not let light through
Precedenta previous occurrence used as a guide
Sagea wise person
Trinketsomething of little value; knick-knack

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Group 9

Ambiguityuncertainty; vagueness
Candidfrank; honest
Deprecatecriticize; denounce
Exegesisscholarly explanation or interpretation
Immutableunchanging; permanent
Longevitylong life
Opulentwealthy; rich; magnificent
Preceptguiding principle
Salaciouslecherous; erotic
Triteunoriginal; dull

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Group 10

Ambiguousunclear in meaning; can be interpreted in different ways
Candorfrankness; openness
Derideridicule; make fun of; mock
Exemplaryoutstandingly good; setting a fine example
Impartialunbiased; neutral
Ordain1. destine; 2. confer holy orders on a priest
Precinctdistrict of a city

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