GRE Word List 05

Group 1

Anecdotea brief amusing story
Dexterousskilful with hands
Incoherentnot clear
Maladroitclumsy; unskillful
Presumptuousassuming too much; arrogant
Scrupulouscareful; diligent; painstaking
Unequivocalclear; obvious

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Group 2

Animosityhatred; antagonism
Censoriousdisapproving; critical
Dichotomya division into two parts
Extrapolateextend; predict on the basis of known data
Incongruousnot fitting in; out of place
Palpableeasily felt; easily perceived
Pretentiouspompous; self-important
Scrutinizeexamine carefully
Unfetterset free

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Group 3

Annex (n)a building which is an addition to an existing building
Didacticintended to teach; instructive
Extrinsicirrelevant; on the outside
Inconsequentialunimportant; insignificant; negligible
Maledictiona curse
Panacearemedy for all ills
Prevaricatespeak misleadingly and evasively
Unfrockto remove a priest from his position

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Group 4

Annex (v)take possession of; seize; capture
Diffidentlacking confidence
Inconspicuousnot easily seen; subtle; not noticeable
Malefactora wrong-doer
Paradigm1. example; 2. model; 3. way of looking at things
Seminaryan institution in which priests are trained
Unprecedentednever having happened before

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Group 5

Anomalysomething which does not fit in a pattern; irregularity
Digresswander off the subject
Falterhesitate; waver
Indeliblecannot be wiped out
Malingerdeliberately avoid work; shirk
Paradoxapparently contradictory statement
Proclivitytendency towards
Sensuousappealing to the senses
Unscathedunharmed; intact; without a scratch

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Group 6

Antagonismhostility; strong opposition
Charlatantrickster who claims knowledge he doesn't have
Dikedam; embankment
Fanaticalobsessive; fixated
Indifferent1. neutral; 2. not outstanding
Malingererperson who deliberately tries to avoid work
Paragona perfect example
Procrastinatedelay; put off
Sentinelguard; sentry
Unwittingnot deliberate; unconscious

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Group 7

Antagonisticopposed; hostile; aggressive
Charywary of; cautious about; reluctant to give
Dilatoryslow; falling behind with one's work
Fanaticismpassion; excessive devotion
Indigenousnative to a particular area
Malleableflexible; can be shaped
Paramountof supreme importance
Prodigalwasteful; extravagant
Upbraidscold; tell off; reprimand

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Group 8

Antediluvianoutdated; prehistoric; very old-fashioned
Dilemmapuzzling situation
Fastidiousoverly particular; finicky
Mallet1. wooden hammer; 2. stick used for polo
Parasite1. scrounger; 2. animal which takes digested food from another
Prodigiousvery large
Serendipityfortunate coincidence; unsought discovery
Uproarioushilarious; hysterical; very funny

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Group 9

Anthologya book which is a collection of poems or stories
Dilettanteperson who dabbles in a subject without serious study
Fatuoussilly; foolish
Inducteenovice; beginner
Manipulatableinfluencable; controllable
Parcheddried up
Serenecalm; peaceful

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Group 10

Anthropocentrismputting man at the center of one's philosophy
Chimericalchangeable; unstable
Feasiblepossible and practicable
Indulgentpampering; satisfying desires
Marreddamaged; spoiled
Pariahan outcast from society
Profanityswearing; cursing
Serratedjagged; saw-like
Urbanesophisticated; suave

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