GRE Word List 12

Group 1

Abysmalvery deep; very bad
Approbationapproval [opp. disapprobation]
Bent (n)inclination; aptitude
Cadgeget by begging
Extemporizespeak without preparation or rehearsal [extemporaneous (a)]
Incumbentsoccupiers of a job or position
Lambasteattack verbally
Pastichework (usually artistic) which imitates, or is composed of parts taken from varied sources

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Group 2

Arborealliving in trees; concerned with trees
Centrifugedevice to separate substances by spinning them at high speed
Disabusemake someone aware of an error in thinking
Engenderingcausing; bringing into being [engender (v)]
Intemperateexcessive; immoderate [intemperance (n)]
Lugubrioussad; gloomy
Pedagogyscience of education; teaching
Satiatesatisfy; fill completely [satiable (a); satiation (n)]
Slakequench; satisfy

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Group 3

Artlesswithout effort; without trickery; simple
Comelinessbeauty; prettiness [comely (a)]
Dofftake off (esp. of a hat)
Donput on (esp. of clothes)
Eruditionlearning; scholarly knowledge [erudite (a)]
Plaintivesad; mournful
Tendentiousdogmatic; biased
Tortuousindirect; winding
Verbiageexcessive or meaningless wordiness

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Group 4

Atonementmaking amends for sin or crime [atone (v)]
Complaisanceflexibility; willingness to please [complaisant (a)]
Daguerreotypeforerunner of the photograph
Fawnbehave in a sycophantic way; grovel [fawning (a)]
Gregariousnesssociability; liking for crowds [gregarious (a)]
Nascentemerging; newly formed
Paeanpraise; tribute (esp. in song)
Reproofscolding; criticism [reprove (v)]
Scurvy1. disease due to lack of vitamin C; 2. contemptible; rascally
Tutelaryserving as a guardian [tutelage (n)]

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Group 5

Abscissioncutting; process causing leaves to fall off
Contentiouscausing argument [contention (n); contend (v)]
Debilitatingweakening [debilitate (v)]
Foiblequirk; minor weakness
Importunebeg; solicit [importunate (a)]
Pertainbe relevant to [pertinent (a)]
Slewglut; excess
Toadysycophant; flatterer
Torridhot and steamy
Veracioustrue [veracity (n)]

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Group 6

Asperityusing harsh or critical tone
Blowhardboastful person
Evanescentshort-lived [evanescence (n)]
Intangiblecannot be touched; abstract [intangibility (n)]
Labilechanging rapidly; unstable
Malapropismuse of similar sounding but incorrect word
Posture (v)to put on an act
Proximateimmediate; nearest
Pugnaciousaggressive, ready to fight [pugnacity (n)]

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Group 7

Foreshadowedindicated a future event [foreshadow (v)]
Gaucherieawkwardness [gauche (a)]
Inscrutabilityquality of being difficult to comprehend [inscrutable (a)]
Limerickshort amusing poem
Manneredstylized; pretentious
Pluck (n)courage
Sedulouspersevering; eager and thorough
Syllogismtype of logical reasoning
Vicissitudeunexpected change in fortune or circumstances

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Group 8

Acolytedisciple; follower or attendant
Admonitoryscolding [admonition (n)]
Capriceswhimsies; fancies
Cornucopiasymbol (horn filled with fruit etc.) denoting natural abundance
Deferentialshowing respect [deference (n); defer (v)]
Intractabilitystubbornness; resistance [intractable (a)]
Luminaryeminent person
Minionunderling; servant
Undergirdsupport; strengthen
Vitiateweaken; sap energy

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Group 9

Coterieclique; small group with common interests
Denigratedecry; criticize; belittle
Empiricalfound by experiment or practice
Hyperboleexaggeration [hyperbolic (a)]
Modest1. bashful; unpretentious; 2. not excessive
Prolixitywordiness [prolix (a)]
Rebuspuzzle in which pictures give clues
Serewithered; old
Vulpinelike a fox [compare with bovine (cow-like); porcine (pig-like), etc.]

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Group 10

Corroborategive supporting evidence [corroboration (n)]
Exacerbatedmade worse [exacerbate (v); exacerbation (n)]
Exact (v)to demand; extort
Faddishwhimsical; following a fashion
Misconstrueput a wrong interpretation on something
Renttorn (past participle of the verb to rend)
Shardfragment of pottery
Xenophobeperson afraid of foreigners

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