GRE Word List 13

Group 1

Alleviatedmade less severe [alleviation (n); alleviate (v)]
Apostrophe1. punctuation mark; 2. appeal to someone not present (a figure of speech)
Centurionroman soldier (commander of a company of 100 soldiers)
Emollientsoftening (a); something which softens (n)
Fusilladelong burst of gunfire
Inerrancyinfallibility; inability to make mistakes [inerrant (a)]
Mince1. chop into small pieces; 2. walk with tiny steps, 3. speak in an affected manner
Palpatemedical term meaning to examine with the hands
Platitudeunoriginal, obvious saying
Quibble1. (v) to argue about minor matters; to play on words when finding fault; 2. (n) a minor verbal point in an argument

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Group 2

Apprehensionslight fear; sense of something unfavorable
Connivingcunning; scheming [connive (v)]
Derisionmockery [deride (v)]
Epigramshort, witty saying
Lassitudelack of energy; weariness
Pedanticover-insistent on matters of book-learning [pedant (n)]
Phenomenologybranch of science concerned with things as they are perceived; not directly derived from theory
Precipitate1. hurried (a); 2. insoluble product of a reaction in chemistry (n), 3. to instigate or speed up an action (v)
Renegego back on promise or retract statement

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Group 3

Armadafleet of ships
Dawdlerslow person who falls behind others [dawdle (v)]
Drosssomething worthless; impurities left after refining
Expiateatone; make amends for
Hack1. chop roughly; 2. person who writes to earn money, 3. hired horse
Prone1. vulnerable to; 2. horizontal
Propensitytendency; inclination
Scabbardcover for a sword
Skiffsmall boat
Umbrage1. shadow; 2. offence; sense of injury

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Group 4

Dilettantismdabbling esp. in the arts [dilettante (n) = person who dabbles]
Malevolenthaving evil intentions [malevolence(n)]
Neophytenew convert; tyro
Panegyricspeech praising someone; laudatory words
Presageforewarn of; indicate
Serrationjagged edge
Slight1. minor (a); 2. perceived insult (v) and (n)
Tare1. weed; 2. allowance made for container when weighing
Unprepossessing unattractive

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Group 5

Aberrationdeviation from the normal
Cantinsincere talk
Disinterdig up [opposite inter = bury]
Faade1. front elevation of building, 2. false appearance or demeanor
Impedinghindering [impede (v); impediment (n)]
Lacunagap; missing part [plural = lacunae]
Monolithicunited in purpose; forming a single unit
Rosterlist of names
Seemlyappropriate (of behavior); decorous

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Group 6

Analogue1. something similar; 2. output proportional to input (engineering)
Codapiece of music at the end of a musical work; finale; final part of document
Equivocalambiguous; open to interpretation [equivocate (v), equivocation (n)]
Falliblecapable of making mistakes [fallibility (n)]
Hallowrespect; worship
Papyrusmaterial used for writing on before paper was invented
Pique1. annoyance (n); 2. to stimulate interest; to annoy (v)
Sap1. liquid inside plants (n); 2. to drain; to undermine (v); 3. a fool (n)

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Group 7

Arbitratormediator; person appointed to judge a dispute [arbitrate (v)]
Descryto see (esp. at a distance); catch sight of
Facetiousnot intended to be taken seriously
Indecorousunseemly; inappropriate (of behavior)
Proliferategrow and spread [proliferation (n)]
Scotch (v)to prevent; stop; disable
Strut1. supporting rod (n); 2. to walk in an arrogant manner; show off (v)
Toy (v)to play with
Usurylending money at high interest rates
Wag (n)a witty person

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Group 8

Atavismreappearance of ancestral traits; regression [atavistic (a)]
Filibusterdelaying tactics
Gambitopening move; transaction
Mitigationmaking less severe [mitigate (v)]
Predilectionleaning; interest; talent
Propitiateappease; try to gain favor [propitiation (n)]
Stanchto stop
Travestyparody; ridiculous error
Waftdrift smoothly (v); whiff; smell (n)

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Group 9

Foragesearch for food
Lumber1. walk in an ungainly way; 2. timber (wood)
Muse1. think; meditate (v); 2. a source of inspiration (n) [in mythology, a goddess who gives inspiration]
Prune1. to trim; 2. a dried plum
Ready(used of wit) quick
Resolvefirmness (n)
Squaliddirty and demeaning
Sulliedmade dirty or impure [opposite unsullied; sully (v)]
Venerationworship; respect [venerable (a), venerate (v)]

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Group 10

Demurobject; hesitate to accept
Duplicitycunning; deception; double dealing
Exigencyurgent matter; pressing need
Expostulateoffer strong objections; remonstrate
Gossamerdelicate; filmy; like gauze
Pine1. type of evergreen tree; 2. grieve
Prudishnarrow-minded; excessively concerned with morals [prudery (n), prude (n)]
Quixoticimpractically idealistic
Stipplecover with dots of paint etc.

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