GRE Word List 14

Group 1

Abrasion1. damage to skin caused by scraping; 2. process of scraping or rubbing [abrade (v)]
Adumbrateoutline; indicate
Cognitiveconcerned with thinking or perceiving [cognition (n)]
Gall1. bitterness (bad feeling); 2. confidence; 3. abnormal growth on a plant
Levee1. raised bank of a river; 2. morning reception held by a monarch
Preternaturalunnatural; abnormal
Score (n)written form of music

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Group 2

Abutto adjoin
Consternationworry and concern
Gaveljudges hammer
Lienright to sell property held as a security; legal hold on job etc.
Parenthesisremarks deviating from the main point [parentheses are round brackets in punctuation]
Sinewyvigorous; having well-developed muscles [a sinew is a tendon]
Steep (v)to soak in water
Tampto plug; press loose matter down tightly (e.g. pack explosives into a hole)
Venturing1. hazarding; risking; putting forward; 2. going somewhere [venturesome means courageous or willing to take risks]
Wry1. twisted or bent to one side; 2. dryly humorous

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Group 3

Decimatedkill or destroy a large part of (originally one tenth)
Fledge1. grow feathers; 2. leave nest [fledgling (n) = an inexperienced person or a baby bird]
Gougecut or dig out
Picayuneinsignificant; of little value
Rivetingfascinating [to rivet literally means to fix metal plates using metal pins]
Soliloquysolo speech
Supplicantperson who requests or begs for something [supplicate (v)]
Transcendentalsupernatural; going beyond normal experience [transcendent (a)]
Veritabletrue; genuine [verity (n)]

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Group 4

Condescensiontalking down to someone [condescending (a)]
Divestremove; take off
Eddycircular current
Epauletshoulder decoration
Fallacywrong idea [fallacious (a)]
Fringe1. decorative border with tassels (n); 2. to form an edge (v)
Leavento make light; modify; cause bread to rise using yeast etc.
Patronize1. to talk down to; condescend; 2. to be a customer of
Prominent1. eminent; 2. protruding; 3. obvious
Statutelaw [statutory (a)]

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Group 5

Expatiatespeak or write at great length
Flag (v)1. to lose energy; 2. to signal
Flail1. tool used to thresh grain; 2. to thresh (separate grain from chaff); 3. to wave arms about wildly
Indictedaccused (of crime)
Lolllaze around; hang out (when used of the tongue)
Secure (v)1. to fix firmly; 2. to obtain
Talonlong pointed nail or claw

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Group 6

Abeyancestate of inactivity; disuse
Disarm1. take away weapons; 2. win over to ones side [disarming (a)]
Elaborate1. complex and detailed (a); 2. to expand on (v)
Foment1. stir up; 2. bathe with hot liquids (medical)
Jockeyingmaneuvering; struggling to get ahead of others [jockey (v)]
Minutiaesmall details
Rueregret [rueful (a)]
Somaticconcerned with the body
Stintingholding back; limiting the supply (of supplies/money etc.) [stint (v)]

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Group 7

Allure1. attraction (n); 2. to attract (v)
Caulktreat with substance such as tar to make water-tight
Conscript1. person enlisted compulsorily into the armed forces; 2. (v) to enlist compulsorily
Desultoryaimless; inconsistent in effort
Elegypoem concerned with death; praise of a dead person
Forbearingtolerant [forbear (v); forbearance (n)]
Hegemonypolitical domination; complete authority
Improbitylack of honesty or integrity
Qualmhesitation or fear

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Group 8

Assay1. try; 2. assess purity
Chauvinistsomeone excessively patriotic [chauvinism (n)]
Discreteseparate; discontinuous (not to be confused with discreet - prudent; diplomatic]
Enlist1. sign up for the army; 2. obtain
Fabricatedmade up; false; manufactured [fabricate (v); fabrication(n)]
Fulminate1. attack loudly in words; denounce thunderously; 2. explode noisily
Hawserthick rope or cable
Jibeagree with; complement; match up with (in British usage jibe means mock)
Peer1. an equal; 2. to stare at; 3. nobleman
Sticklerone who is strict about rules or details

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Group 9

Clotureclosure; terminating a debate by voting
Congruentmatching [congruency (n)]
Dallywaste time; flirt
Dissembleavoid the truth
Dotebe excessively fond of [doting (a)]
Errant1. wandering; 2. wrong; 3. straying from accepted standards
Stomach (v)to tolerate
Synapsejunction between two nerve cells
Undercuttingoffering a lower price; undermining

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Group 10

Arsondeliberate, criminal starting of fires
Carriondead flesh; carcasses
Intelligiblecan be understood
Ironcladcannot be altered; firm
Lintfluff; soft material used to cover wounds
Pretensionassumed attitude of superiority; arrogance
Pyreceremonial fire
Syncopationtype of musical rhythm with missed beats

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