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The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is a test of verbal skills (vocabulary and comprehension) and analytical thinking which the test makers have designed to be a predictor of success in graduate school and professional life. The test is currently owned and administered by Pearson Education.

The test has been around for more than fifty years and is still accepted by the admission departments of many graduate schools, especially in the social sciences, humanities and education, as an alternative to the GRE.

The test is a one-hour examination with 120 questions. MAT is currently offered as a computer-based test, but a paper and pencil version is also available. All the questions require the test taker to complete an analogy.

What subject areas does the MAT cover?

A MAT analogy can be based on general knowledge, or can test your knowledge of language and vocabulary, math, science, social science, or the humanities.

  • Questions on everyday knowledge and language skills comprise over 40 percent of the test.
  • Questions on science and math comprise over 30 percent of the test.
  • Questions on the humanities and social sciences account for approximately 25 percent of the test.

A student with a good vocabulary and who is familiar with general aspects of Western culture should be in a good position to score well on the test.

A student who is not scoring too well on our MAT practice tests would be well advised to brush up his or her vocabulary using our word lists. General reading � good quality magazines, for example � would also help.

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