SAT Essay Scoring

Essay evaluation grid

Grade your essay in each of the following areas and click submit to receive an estimate of your score.

Vocabulary (choice of words; variety in expression; spelling):
No variety; words used wrongly Mostly correct usage but little variety Almost fully correct; some variety Varied; correct and appropriate
Grammar (sentence structure; usage; punctuation):
Many serious errors Some errors Few errors Correct and appropriate (may have minor errors)
Organization (logical structure; logical flow; paragraphing):
No clear structure Has a definite structure but may be unbalanced or inadequately paragraphed Generally well-organized but may lack clear flow of ideas Well-organized; good flow; appropriate structure
Content (suitability of points / examples/ reasoning):
Unsuitable Insufficient Adequate Good Very good
Length (assuming you have spent the allowed time on the essay):
Too short Satisfactory

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