SAT problem solving practice test 03

1. The distance from town A to town B is five miles. C is six miles from B. Which of the following could be the distance from A to C?

I 11
II 1

A. I only
B. II only
C. I and II only
D. II and III only
E. I, II, or III.

2. √5 percent of 5√5 =

A. 0.05
B. 0.25
C. 0.5
D. 2.5
E. 25

3. If pqr = 1 , rst = 0 , and spr = 0, which of the following must be zero?

A. P
B. Q
C. R
D. S
E. T


A. 1/5
B. 6/5
C. 6³
D. 64 / 5
E. 64

5. -20 , -16 , -12 , -8 ....
In the sequence above, each term after the first is 4 greater than the preceding term. Which of the following could not be a term in the sequence?

A. 0
B. 200
C. 440
D. 668
E. 762

6. If f(x) = x² – 3, where x is an integer, which of the following could be a value of f(x)?

I 6
II 0
III -6

A. I only
B. I and II only
C. II and III only
D. I and III only
E. I, II and III

7. For how many integer values of n will the value of the expression 4n + 7 be an integer greater than 1 and less than 200?

A. 48
B. 49
C. 50
D. 51
E. 52

8. In the above correctly worked addition sum, A,B,C and D represent different digits, and all the digits in the sum are different. What is the sum of A,B,C and D?

A. 23
B. 22
C. 18
D. 16
E. 14

9. 12 litres of water are poured into an aquarium of dimensions 50cm length, 30cm breadth, and 40cm height. How high (in cm) will the water rise?
(1 litre = 1000cm3)

A. 6
B. 8
C. 10
D. 20
E. 40

10. Six years ago Anita was P times as old as Ben was. If Anita is now 17 years old, how old is Ben now in terms of P ?

A. 11/P + 6
B. P/11 +6
C. 17 - P/6
D. 17/P
E. 11.5P

Test information

Q 10 questions

Time 12 minutes

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