SAT sentence completion practice test 10

1. The explorer was unable to ____ his thirst at the stream since an enraged Grizzly bear barred the way.

A. assuage
B. parch
C. savor
D. describe
E. attenuate

2. Iodine deficiency is ____ in these remote mountain regions; however, it is no longer ____ in the lowlands where iodized salt is available.

A. recorded - unusual
B. rare - sporadic
C. eradicated - common
D. endemic - prevalent
E. diagnosed - controlled

3. Unlike the ancient Greeks, we are interested in a person's ____ , the things that make each person different from the general.

A. qualities
B. idiosyncracies
C. failures
D. stereotypes
E. humanity

4. Johnson was such an outstanding orator, that his contempories were too dazzled by his ____ to question his fundamental philosophy.

A. persona
B. guile
C. enthusiasm
D. thinking
E. rhetoric

5. Moths are nocturnal pollinators, visiting scented flower during the hours of darkness, whereas the butterflies are ____ , attracted to bright flowers in the daytime.

A. diurnal
B. quotidian
C. colorful
D. ephemeral
E. brilliant

6. The Victorian middle class woman was ____ by restraints, obligations and ____ that prevented her from achieving economic independence.

A. hampered - aspirations
B. emancipated - strictures
C. fettered - responsibilities
D. ensnared - possibilities
E. surrounded - freedoms

7. Even after a century of ____ investigation, the relation of the solar cycle to terrestrial weather remains ____ .

A. meticulous - apparent
B. cursory - clear
C. sedulous - pertinent
D. extensive - enigmatic
E. scientific - unobscured

8. There is great unevenness in his later plays; there are moments of the greatest ____ in the midst of great ____.

A. lucidity - enlightenment
B. frivolity - triteness
C. insight - banality
D. obscurity - ambivalence
E. profundity - wisdom

9. According to Hume, it is not logic that determines what we say and do; if we decide to help a person in need, we do so because of our ____ not our ____

A. consciousness - emotions
B. duty - rights
C. feelings - reason
D. beliefs - convictions
E. concern - kindness

10. In the earliest moments of the Universe conditions of almost inconceivable ____ raged through the swelling cosmos; yet this great ____ managed to produce only the simplest of atoms.

A. tumult - cataclysm
B. tranquillity - upheaval
C. violence - complexity
D. turbulence - conglomeration
E. chaos - inertia

11. The assumption that chlorofluorocarbons would be ____ in the environment because they were chemically inert, was challenged by the demonstration of a potential threat to the ozone layer.

A. deleterious
B. innocuous
C. persistent
D. noxious
E. durable

12. The Rio Gila is part of a ____ of rivers and cultures as significant as the ____ of the Tigris and the Euphrates.

A. disparity - conjunction
B. intermingling - dichotomy
C. juxtaposition - divergence
D. conglomeration - diaspora
E. convergence - confluence

Test information

Q 12 questions

Time 10 minutes

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