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Word list 04

Group 1

Ambivalencelack of clarity; wavering; being undecided
Cantankerousbad-tempered; quarrelsome
Exemplifyto serve as a good example
Impecunioushaving no money
Ornatehighly decorated
Precipicesteep slope
Truantshirker; someone absent without permission

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Group 2

Ambulatoryable to walk around (used of hospital patients)
Desecrateto damage or pollute a holy place
Exhaustivecomplete and thorough
Impiouswicked; profane
Ludicrousridiculous; silly
Precipitousdone in a hurry
Salutarysomething which teaches you a lesson; beneficial
Truncatecut short

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Group 3

Amelioratemake better
Capitulatesurrender; give in to
Desecrationspoiling something holy
Exoneratesacquits; absolves; removes blame
Impoverisheddestitute; poor
Lukewarm1. unenthusiastic; 2. neither hot nor cold
Ossify1. turn to bone; 2. become fixed and rigid
Precludeprevent or make impossible
Sanctimonioushypocritically holy
Tumultuproar; noise

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Group 4

Carpingconstant criticism
Desiststop; discontinue; cease
Exorcismgetting free/rid of; eliminating (especially demons)
Impromptuunrehearsed; spontaneous
Lummoxclumsy person
Precociousdeveloping early
Sanctiongive approval to

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Group 5

Cartographerperson who makes maps
Despondenthaving no hope; miserable
Expatriaterefugee; emigrant; someone living away from his own country
Inadvertentnot intentional
Lusciousjuicy; moist; succulent
Oustpush out of a position
Predecessorone who came before
Sanguinarybloodthirsty; bloody
Tyronovice; beginner

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Group 6

Castigatescold strongly
Destitutionhardship; poverty; misery
Expedientconvenient; practical
Incantationchant; invocation; prayer
Lynchassassinate; kill; illegal hanging
Overtobvious; not hidden
Predicamentdilemma; difficult situation
Sanguineoptimistic; cheerful
Ubiquitousfound everywhere; omnipresent

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Group 7

Amorphouslacking in shape
Catharsispurging of pent-up emotions
Deterput off; prevent
Expeditemake faster
Incarcerationputting in prison
Machinationsplots and plans
Overwroughtworked up; in an emotional state
Preeminentfamous; outstanding
Unalloyedundiluted; total

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Group 8

Analgesicmedicine to combat pain
Caucustype of private political meeting
Deteriorateworsen; decline
Expositionclear explanation
Incessantwithout stopping
Maelstromwhirlpool; storm in the ocean
Palatablegood to eat; agreeable
Prerogativeright or privilege
Savantperson with knowledge
Unctuousoily; using excessive flattery

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Group 9

Incipientjust beginning
Magnanimousgenerous; big-hearted
Palisadefence made of posts
Prescienthaving fore-knowledge
Scaleto climb
Undermineddamaged; attacked

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Group 10

Anarchychaos; lack of government
Cavalcadeprocession of vehicles
Devouredgreedily eaten/consumed
Extraditedeport from one country back to the home country
Inclinationtendency; a leaning toward
Magnatepowerful businessman
Palliativea remedy that improves but doesn't cure
Presentimenta feeling that something might happen
Scapegoatperson on whom blame is placed for faults of others

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