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Improve your vocabulary by 1000 words

Word Focus is a systematic approach to advanced vocabulary building. We provide you with four effective techniques to help you understand and memorize important words and meanings. The words have been selected to be suitable for students of high school age and beyond. Our systems are particularly helpful for students preparing for standardized tests such as the GRE, MAT or SAT examinations.

The Word Focus system consists of 95 cards, each card consists of one or more groups of words arranged to help you learn. Note that there is a big difference between studying word lists and learning groups of words as you will with our program. You can increase your vocabulary quickly with Word Focus � up to 1,000 relevant words in as little as eight weeks! And you can test yourself as you go along using the specially designed companion vocabulary tests.

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Product information
  • Title: Word Focus
  • Published: August 2010
  • Length: 59 pages
  • Delivered: Electronically in PDF format
Vocabulary tests

Test yourself using our 11 online vocabulary tests designed specifically for Word Focus. Try a test now.

3 reasons to buy this book
  1. Learn 1,000 high level words in 8 weeks using the study plan provided.
  2. Four different approaches so you don�t get bored: word associations, synonym sets, word roots, and subject-related words.
  3. Test yourself with 11 online practice tests designed specifically for use with Word Focus.

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