Word list 01

Group 1

Bigotnarrow-minded, prejudiced person
Counterfeitfake; false
Enfranchisegive voting rights
Hamperhinder; obstruct
Kindleto start a fire
Noxiousharmful; poisonous; lethal
Placidcalm; peaceful
Remunerationpayment for work done
Talismanlucky charm

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Group 2

Abrasiverough; coarse; harsh
Bilkcheat; defraud
Coverthidden; undercover
Hangarstorage area (like garage) for a plane
Knottycomplex; difficult to solve
Nuancesomething subtle; a fine shade of meaning
Plagiarismtaking credit for someone else's writing or ideas
Tangentgoing off the main subject

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Group 3

Abasementhumiliation; degradation
Billowingswelling; fluttering; waving
Cowerrecoil in fear or servility; shrink away from
Enhanceimprove; make better or clearer
Haranguenoisy, attacking speech
Labyrintha maze
Nullifyto counter; make unimportant
Plaintiffpetitioner (in court of law)
Tangiblecan be touched

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Group 4

Abrogatecancel; deny; repeal
Blasphemyspeech which offends religious sentiments
Enigmapuzzle; mystery
Harbingersindicators; bringers of warnings
Labyrinthinecomplicated; highly convoluted
Nuzzlecuddle; snuggle
Plauditstatement giving strong praise
Reprehensibleshameful; very bad
Tardyslow; late; overdue; delayed

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Group 5

Absolutionforgiveness; pardon; release
Ensconceestablish firmly in a position
Hastenhurry; accelerate; rush
Lacerationa cut
Plausiblecan be believed; reasonable
Reprievea respite; postponement of a sentence
Tawdryof little value; gaudy

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Group 6

Abstaindesist; go without; withdraw
Blighteddamaged; destroyed; ruined
Credulousgullible; ready to believe anything
Haughtinessarrogance; pride
Lachrymosetearful; sad
Obfuscatedeliberately make something difficult to understand
Plethoraan excess
Repudiateshun; eschew

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Group 7

Abstemiousself denying; refraining from indulging
Blithefree-spirited; carefree
Crepuscularactive at dawn and dusk
Enunciationclear pronunciation; accent; articulation
Headstrongstubborn; willful
Lacklusterdull; monotonous; bland
Objectiveunbiased; not subjective
Pliableflexible; not stubborn
Rescindretract; repeal
Temperto moderate; soften

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Group 8

Abstrusedifficult to understand; obscure
Blunderbuss1. ancient weapon (type of gun); 2. a clumsy person
Cringerecoil; flinch; shy away
Envenomto cause bitterness and bad feeling
Hedonismself indulgence; pleasure-seeking
Laconicusing few words; brief; to the point
Obliqueindirect; slanting
Plumagefeathers of a bird
Resignationacceptance of fate
Tenaciousstubborn; resolute; holding firm to a purpose

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Group 9

Accoladetribute; honor; praise
Bolstersupport; prop up
Crypticpuzzling; enigmatic
Hedonista pleasure seeker
Lamentationexpression of regret or sorrow
Obliteratedestroy; demolish; eradicate
Plummetfall suddenly and steeply
Tentativenot certain

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Group 10

Acquiesceto agree to; give in to
Bombastarrogant, pompous language
Curtailcut short
Epicuresomeone who appreciates good food and drink
Heedlisten to
Lampoonridicule; spoof
Oblivioustotally unaware
Podiumraised platform
Tenuousflimsy; not solid

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