Word list 10

Group 1

Bellicosewar-like; aggressive
Consummatecomplete; total; supremely good
Elusivehard to pin down
Gregariousextroverted; sociable; outgoing
Jaundicedcynical; pessimistic
Phenomenonan event or happening (plural: phenomena)
Recuperateget better after illness
Superlativeextremely good; the best

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Group 2

Belligerentaggressive; ready to fight
Contemporaryliving or happening at the same time
Emaciatedvery thin; withered
Grittycoarse; granular
Jauntshort pleasure trip
Niggardlymiserly; stingy
Philanthropycharity; love of mankind
Red tapeformalities; paperwork; official procedure
Surlygrumpy; rude
Whimsicalcapricious; changeable

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Group 3

Bemoancomplain about
Emancipateset free
Guffawsudden loud laughter
Jeopardizeput at risk; endanger
Nomadicwandering from place to place
Philistineuncultured person
Redolentsmelling of; giving off odors
Surreptitioussecret; sneaky; stealthy

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Group 4

Contritionsorrow and repentance
Embezzledefraud; steal
Guilecunning; craftiness
Jingoisticextremely patriotic; nationalistic
Nonchalancean appearance of indifference; calm and composed
Phlegmaticcalm; imperturbable
Redressput right something that was wrong
Surreptitiouslysecretly; furtively; stealthily

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Group 5

Benignkindly; harmless
Embroilinvolve in hostility or argument
Guilelessfrank; straightforward; honest
Jocularin a joking manner
Nondescripthaving no special features; dull and ordinary
Redundantunnecessary; superfluous
Wispyflimsy; frail; delicate

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Group 6

Benignitycompassion; gentleness; fondness
Contusiona bruise
Emergecome out; appear
Gullibilityunwariness; trustfulness; being easily fooled
Jollitygaiety; happiness
Nonentitya person of no importance; not famous
Pinnacletopmost point
Referendumpublic vote
Wistfulmelancholy; pensive; expressing a longing for

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Group 7

Bequeathleave something in one's will to be given after one's death
Conundruma puzzle
Emulateto imitate something admired
Gullibleeasily fooled
Jubilantecstatic; delighted; rejoicing
Nostalgialonging for the past
Piousvery religious
Sybaritelover of luxury
Zanycrazy; wacky

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Group 8

Beratescold; criticize
Conventionalusual; customary; common
Endorsegive support or approval to
Gustatoryconcerned with the sense of taste
Judiciouscorrect in judgment; wise
Notorietyinfamy; known for wrong doing
Pivotalof central importance
Sycophantbootlicker; flatterer

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Group 9

Berettype of cap
Endurancestaying power; patience; stamina
Hackneyedcommon and over-used
Jurisprudencescience or study of law
Novelnew; unusual
Placatepacify; soothe; calm
Relegatedismiss to a lower position
Taciturnquiet; saying little

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Group 10

Bestialbehaving like a beast; brutal
Corrugatedhighly folded
Hallowedworshipped; consecrated
Juxtaposeplace next to
Novicea beginner; tyro
Placeboharmless medicine with no effect; dummy medicine
Remorseregret; sorrow; contrition
Tactileconcerned with the sense of touch

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