1001 Nights : Women Control Essay

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In the middle period there were many tales of great warriors, kings, and men alike as well, as in the ancient period and the early 20th century. Yet, what happens to the women? There emerges a great curiosity as to who had the upper hand when it came to control. However, as the saying goes, behind every great man is an even greater woman. In the tale “The Thousand and One Nights,” a woman’s sexuality, emotions, and physical actions towards men are not overtly influential. However, when considering, how women used sexual and emotional control towards men, you start to wonder who is really in control. The women are in control. Women’s powers in sexuality and the emotional reactions by men play a vital role in this story. In this tale …show more content…
She gained her power to extreme sexual manipulation, even baring a child for Caesar, and her political power over Egypt begun. After the slaying of Caesar in Rome, she sunk her daggers into another man Mark Anthony. Even though Mark married another he eventually left her and went back and married Cleopatra. Cleopatra had such magnetism for alluring men that it is said in the World Encyclopedia that Mark Anthony was a “lovestruck victim of temptress”. Cleopatra once again manipulated him with sexuality and had a set of twins and another son from Anthony. In the end Cleopatra committed suicide was is still held as one of the great women of power and defeat especially, over men. In the tale “The Thousand and One Nights” Shahrazad used her cleverness to control and that can relate to Cleopatra who was also, highly intelligent to using what she has and knows to rule. Cleopatra can actually have been an inspiration to Shahrazad since she was from the ancient world and Shahrazad from the middle period, setting forth that woman can hold as much power as and even more. Shahrazad has strength and so did Cleopatra for they did situate plans and go forward with them to gain the authority over the men who they so manipulated. There are plenty of eras to search and find tales, stories,