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Robert Shelton (Danny)
COU 505 – theories
Dr. Cappelletty

Re-response when you say you feel a certain way, I cannot know what that feeling means to you - even as a therapist who explores meaning and purpose, I cannot for sure 100% know what someone means when they tell me they feel a certain way - we each use the term "love", "sadness" and so on in our own unique way - while there is certainly a common core of meaning to these words, our idiosyncratic use of them means that I will never 100% know what you mean
When I say I feel a certain way it means that’s what I believe. I guess it was a poor choice of words. I’ll be cognizant of that in the future. it is interesting to note that more than 60% of the women in the world live in societies in which they have no rights and no access to power
I was reading some of President Carter’s book “A call to action” and he noted about the same thing. Most people are unaware of the way women and children are treated here in the U.S. People think that it’s only in other parts of the world that these atrocities happen. He says, and he’s a very religious man, that people of religion cherry pick parts of their religious books to back up this treatment of women. To read his book it seems very, very bad. of course - the Bible was written by men, in part to maintain their power and status in society - don't get me wrong, I think that there is great Truth in the Bible, it's just that you have to wade through much political stuff to get to it
My mom and dad taught those same beliefs my whole life.
Freud never really understood women - he saw them as mutilated men
But wasn’t the majority of his cliental rich women? I’m glad you put it that way. It helps me articulate Freud’s view of women. feminists view theories of biological determinism as ways to continue subjecting women to an inferior role - however, this total rejection of biological determinism makes it hard to achieve true equality because it denies some very real differences, and therefore does not permit us to accomodate those differences - true equality comes NOT when we say that there are no differences, but when we recognize and EMBRACE the differences as valid, useful and important - different is not better, not worse, just different
I really like the way you put that in laymen’s terms. It’s true that women are different in many ways but that doesn’t make women less than or more than but just as good as. in the hunter-gatherer societies, all had their roles and all were important in the fabric of society - it is only when men began to feel that they were losing their power that they created patriarchies to maintain their status over women - as men aged they became wise old sages, as women aged they became witches and shrews as a way of dismissing their power
I’ve heard or read that last part somewhere. No matter though. The genders within the hunter-gatherers society had their individual role to play for the survival of the spices but so did the home industries of the Carolina Mountains in the early days. The difference was the religion part. It appears to me that organized religion was a detriment in one way or another to all minorities. very nice summary of the important points - what do these mean to YOU?
As professionals we should do our part in changing the social injustices we encounter through education, modeling, politics, and through our interaction with people wherever we may go. If we see injustice we need to be strong enough to stand and deliver.

Family Systems Therapy

Family Systems Therapy was Alfred Adler’s baby. He was the first of the modern era psychologists to use a systemic approach. It appears that his concept of family therapy model is still used as a template today. My opinion of his use of a systemic approach stems from his personality theory called “birth order.” The data suggest that there are no significant correlations between birth order and the “Big Five personality traits.” At best he gets