1301 Reflection Essay

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I chose to take composition 1301 because I knew that it would help me with my plan to achieve greater academic knowledge. I knew that I could get better in the way I wrote my essays and conducted my research, so I decided to join this class. In the beginning of taking this class I started to see that in other classes, my work was becoming advanced and everything started to get easier and I would turn in work earlier. Ever since I was little I have been told that I am good in many departments. People would always ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up, but I never had an answer. Not having an answer scared me a bit in my middle school years but I didn’t worry about it that much. Going into high school I became very conscious that time was speeding by and pretty soon I was already heading into my sophomore year. I became frightened at the fact that I had no specific plan in my head that told me what I wanted to be or a backup plan if that did not work. If people ask me now on what I want to be, I am proud to be able to give …show more content…
I do feel like I am wiser as well. If people ask me to help them in their English work I do not have to think about it and hesitate when answering. My English teacher says that I have come far as a high school student because of Comp 1301 and I am proud knowing that this course helped me a whole lot.
I learned in my freshmen year that there is barley any personal time for yourself. About 90% of school is dedicated to school. The other percent is chores and family. So balancing work was not anything that I had to change. Of course there was events that would show up during the month but I would have to turn that down because I knew that Comp 1301 was more important and that I had no time to do other things that didn’t pertain to school