1989 To Present Day Analysis

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The time period between 1989 to present day is known as the cold war and contemporary America. This is when the United States hit rock bottom, due to the fact that the economy and government wasn’t doing so well. Americans were in desperate need of a change and a better future. We needed to make the government smaller and united, and invest our money in better places.
This topic interested me because it was the closest time period to my generation. I felt like I could relate to most of the information because I’ve lived through some of it. I also believe it would be easier for me because it is a modern topic, and we are still living through it today. Also, the many things that went on during this time such as America falling, significant wars/theories, and big controversial presidential elections.
Things I learned from this specific topic was that Ronald Reagan was a big influential president during this time. He was one of the main presidents during this time period. He was considered a great man and the president who made America great again. He created the idea of Reagonomics. This was the term for his economic policies for America. This called for widespread tax cuts, decreased social spending, increased military spending, and deregulation of
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From this, America wanted to create a new world order mainly based on democracy. This was surprising because it dealt with the new world order which is a bad thing in my opinion. I never really knew what that order was until I further researched and found out it dealt with conspiracy theories and illuminati. These theories are based on conspiracies which are things that shouldn’t be trusted. It also was influenced by illuminati which is why there is a triangle with an eye on the dollar bills. (Toward A New Millennium