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Andrew Gilmore
Midterm Paper
3D Modeling

Good vs. Bad Design

There are many components that make up a well designed image. All the parts of the image must work together in harmony. The composition must be evenly balanced while also leading the eye throughout the composition. I have chosen two images. One image is an example of a well designed image while the other is an example of a poorly designed one. Both of the images I have chosen are designs of interior spaces. While deciding whether or not an image is well designed or not in the art world often comes down to the viewer’s subjective opinion. Even though this is the case, there are fundamental principles that are incorporated into an image to make it a good design. Some of these principles include balance, contrast, and points of emphasis. This design takes into account many of these principles. First, the composition of this image is very well accounted for. Each object in the image is specifically placed. Composition is all about how pleasing the arrangement is of the subject matter. In this image the elements of the composition are placed in an upside-down “V”. The window is the central focus of the design. The bright white of the window shade catches your eye first. From there the composition flows out to each side, while the window bridges the gap between the two sides. One of the aspects that make this image compositionally pleasing is the balance of the two sides. Balance is what creates harmony within a composition. Each element within the composition carries a certain amount of weight. The weight of all the objects must be evenly distributed throughout the composition. This composition is balanced along the center axis. While the left side of the composition contains more objects, the use of color on the right side evens up the overall balance. The umbrella light in the left is one of the first things the eye is drawn to. Its bright light is almost as strong as the window shade. But this object’s right-sided counterpart is the red blanket. The blanket is the only object with a vibrant color. It is a point of emphasis on the right side. The two pieces of furniture also compliment each other. While the chair on the left side is smaller, the amount of light coming off of it gives it more weight. The material of the couch on the right side allows it to blend in and soften the light, there for not drawing as much attention despite its great weight. Another item with great weight is the black mat on the floor. Because it does not extend all the way to the right side it gives more weight to the left side; the blanket hanging off of the couch corrects this imbalance. The blanket makes the transition from the floor to the couch, which breaks the barrier between the two and draws the eye back toward the couch. Overall a very important part of a well designed image is the balance of the objects within the piece. This image provides an exceptional example of balance because neither side is weighted more than the other. The well designed image I have chosen makes excellent use of the 3D modeling software. It is difficult to replicate natural light but this artist has skillfully replicated it. The shadows all the objects are consistent with the light source. The overall color of the image is also consistent with the amount of white light coming in from the window. The way the light interacts with each individual material in the scene is what makes the best use of the 3D modeling software and would be difficult to create using another method. In sum, this image displays understanding of design principles such as composition, balance, and lighting. The other interior image I have chosen is an example of a poorly designed image. The composition is severely imbalanced. The railing on the left side carries a