5 Star Admiral Essay

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James Dembrowski
Lt. Col. Livingston
October 27, 2014
NJROTC Period 6
William Frederick Halsey was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, on 30 October 1882. He attended the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Annapolis, Maryland. William Halsey was appointed to the US Naval Academy by President William McKinley in 1900. Graduated in February 1904, he served the two years at sea then required by law before he was commissioned Ensign, 2 February 1906. He was promoted to Lieutenant, both grades, 2 February 1909, to Lieutenant Commander, August 29, 1916, received temporary promotion to Commander during the World War, and was commissioned in that rank 3 June 1921 and his subsequent promotions were as follows: Captain, 10 February 1927 Rear Admiral, 1 March 1938; Vice Admiral, 13 June 1940; and Admiral, 18 November 1942. On 28 November 1945, he was nominated to be a Fleet Admiral of the US Navy, his nomination confirmed by the Senate on 14 December 1945, and on 11 December 1945 he took the oath as Fleet Admiral, becoming the fourth officer to hold that rank. He was transferred to the Retired List of the Navy, at his own request, on 1 March 1947. After graduation in February 1904, he joined the USS Missouri, and in December 1905 was transferred to the USS Don Juan de Austria. He served as her watch and division officer until that vessel was placed out of commission in March 1907. In August 1912 he assumed command of the USS Flusser, and in February 1913 was assigned additional command of the First Group, Torpedo Flotilla, Atlantic Fleet. In September 1913 he was transferred to command of the USS Jarvis, and in July 1915, returned to the Naval Academy, where he had duty in the Executive Department until December 1917. In May he was transferred to command of the USS Shaw, and for service in command of both destroyers, he was awarded the Navy Cross. In July 1934 he reported to the Naval Air