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North Korea

Wanted a communist South Korea wanted government a democratic government North Korea split from South Korea and created a capital at Pyongyang

General MacArthur

To help South Korea President Truman win the war and to did not allow him to destroy the Chinese invade China
Communist Party

The Chinese army crossed the Yalu and pushed the UN below the 38th parallel President Truman

Wanted General
MacArthur to follow his orders

But General
disregarded what
President Truman told him and was disrespectful when they met.

President Truman fired General


To make sure
American troops did not come to the border of China

Americans were getting closer to defeating North

China sent more than 300,000 troops to assist North Korea

United Nations

Korea to have
The communist north America took troops democratic elections and democratic out of South Korea south of Korea were to separate regions

1) General MacArthur wanted to make sure South Korea won the war. He also wanted to stop North Korea’s communism from spreading. General MacArthur was overly confident in his ability to win the war by saying that his soldiers would be home for
Christmas. He wanted to invade China to stop the Chinese from helping the North
Koreans but President Truman disagreed. General Douglas MacArthur’s goal was to win the war so American soldiers could be sent home and to ensure that communism did not spread to South Korea.
2) President Truman was not as aggressive in fighting the Korean War as General
MacArthur was. Truman did not want to invade China if it wasn’t