7 Churches Research Paper

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In Revelation, we hear about the seven churches. Now the seven churches, were seven literal churches, and brought significance with each of them. Each had a purpose, which can be applied to particular churches during that time, churches today, individuals within the church, and to the continuous church history. By studying Revelation and looking into it, we can understand many great things about it. Though the churches were literal in that time, they had spiritual significance for churches and believers today. One way they seven churches had an important impact was that the seven churches each describes issues that could fit the Church in any time. This is helpful in assisting the growth of churches today, and providing the knowledge we need to know to continue to grow. Another purpose deals with revealing seven different types of …show more content…
Philadelphia was the church that had waited patiently. And Laodicea was the church of lukewarm faith. Each of these churches had literal struggles, some were with their hearts, and others were through struggles they would endure for waiting or suffering persecution. By looking at each of the struggles, or for others, shortcomings, we can take steps in order to seek to better follow Christ, protect our hearts, and be stronger in faith. While looking at all the seven churches, we can see how to always remember church, stand firm in persecution we will suffer from, remember to repent, not to believe in false teachers and seek truth, to be active and not asleep, to wait on God, and to not be lukewarm with our faith. The churches also represent time periods. Ephesus represents the apostolic times. Smyrna was the period of great persecutions. Pergamos would represent the time when the church was united with the world Thyatira would represent the time of church history when it enters the dark ages. Philadelphia would be that of “the revived church.” And Laodicea would be the time of the lukewarm